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Home Interior Design: 8 Pandemic-driven trends

Home Interior Design: 8 Pandemic-driven trends

Whether we like it or not, the pandemic has changed our approach to home décor and interior design. Keep reading to find out how!

2020 saw us spending more time in our homes than ever before. And 2021 has shaped up to (unfortunately) be no exception! Given that our homes are no longer just places to rest, eat and sleep, it’s no surprise that there have been some huge changes to modern interior design and home décor.

From a greater need for sectioned spaces and making comfort priority number one, here are 8 interior design trends driven by the global pandemic.

Your guide to home interior design: COVID-19 edition

    Open plan is on the out

    Long gone are the days of lusting after a big, open plan layout. Nowadays, home dwellers are looking for private spaces and sectioned areas to conduct their work and enjoy a break from the rest of the household.

    Rather than spending big money on home renovations, panel blinds are an affordable way to divide a room and create some privacy.

    Increase in natural light

    During lockdown periods, many of us don’t get the amount of sunshine and fresh air we require to feel good. That’s why it’s crucial to bring these elements into your home wherever possible.

    You can find seven different ways to increase natural light in your home here. Including tips ranging from recessed lighting to light filtering blinds.

    Comfort is king

    More time spent at home means more time using our furniture (and discovering just how uncomfortable it actually is)! Prior to the pandemic, price or aesthetic may have been our key consideration factors, but now we have to spend an increased amount of time on our couches or dining chairs, comfort and quality are what we look to.

    Investing in better quality items won’t just mean you’ll be comfortable, but they’ll also go the distance. Meaning you won’t have to make any repeat purchases any time soon.

    Switching to soundproof spaces

    With Zoom meetings and digital hangouts the new norm, a lot of us are considering how we can improve the sound quality in our homes.

    An efficient way to do this is by installing blinds or curtains made from fabrics that absorb sound, like our new acoustic curtain fabrics. Acoustic fabric is designed to reduce the reverberation or echo in a room, therefore improving the sound quality in the process.

    You can find out more about our noise cancelling curtains here.

    Revamped home office

    From standing desks to bigger screens, everyone’s trying to make the #wfh life as ergonomic as possible. This even extends to window blinds, which didn’t often get a second thought before now. However, light filtering blinds like vertical blinds, roller blinds and double roller blinds are all incredibly effective at reducing distracting on-screen glare.

    Different dining tables

    With ongoing dining restrictions and more time to master new recipes at home, there’s been an increased focus on the humble dining table. Extendable tables in particular are having their hey-day, as they allow you to entertain guests, even if you live in a smaller home.

    Nods to natural textures

    Now that we’re online more than ever before, we’re seeing a greater appreciation for all things handmade and natural. For this reason, rustic textures like wood, stone and linen will dominate modern interior design.

    Playful pops of colour

    Colour plays a huge role in our mood, so it makes sense that in times like these we’re looking to happier hues.

    These days, warmer tones like muted pinks, yellows and oranges are making their way into our homes in a big way. Looking to colour theory, these colours have associations with warmth, happiness and positivity. And who couldn’t do with more of that in their life!

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