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7 ways to increase natural light in your home

7 ways to increase natural light in your home

Let there be light! If your home is lacking in sweet sunshine, here are some cost-effective ways to increase natural light.

In addition to open plan living and a decent backyard, natural light is a common ‘must-have’ feature on most homebuyer’s lists. With sunlight contributing to improved mood and wellbeing, this should come as no surprise!

If your home is on the darker side or lacks natural light sources, here are seven ways to increase natural light in your home.

Benefits of natural light

Before we jump into all the different ways to increase natural light in a room, here are just a few of the benefits.

  • Reduce your energy bills: Natural light is the most powerful light you can bring into your home. So, when you have it in abundance, you’ll cut the cost of your power bill!
  • Prevent mould: Natural light can help keep mould at bay, particularly if the room is exposed to moisture.
  • Increase vitamin D: Vitamin D is important for absorbing calcium and promoting bone growth, as well as boosting your immune system. With extra light flooding your home, you’ll reap the rewards.
  • Improve mood: Notice a spring in your step during the warmer months? That’s because the absorption of the sun’s vitamin D has been linked to an improved mood.

How to increase natural light in a room

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Did you know that you can lighten up any room with the addition of a few mirrors? For example, set up a mirror in the halfway to reflect light into a dark room. Or, place a mirror opposite a window.

Lighten up

This one’s a tried and true trick of the trade that interior designers have been using for many years. If your room is lacking in natural light sources, choose a light colour palette for the décor, from lampshades to curtains! This will make any available light reflect off the surface and make the room feel more spacious.

It’s worth noting that you don’t necessarily have to go for white or cream, either. Any paler shades, such as blues or cool greys work equally well.

Squeaky clean

Dirty, dusty windows don’t just look unsightly, they can also block out a significant amount of natural light. So, with that in mind, be sure to give your windows a regular and thorough clean from the outside.

Recessed lighting

Lamps can be another clever way to increase light in a room (and add character at the same time). But, if you don’t have the space for them, you can also brighten a dark room with recessed overhead lighting throughout the room.

Shine on (you crazy diamond)

If you’re buying or renovating, this last one’s for you! Go for glossy tiles, splashbacks and finishes in the kitchen and bathroom to reflect light and make a space look bigger and brighter.

In other rooms, adding furniture and accessories with a reflective surface can help diffuse light. Think metallic paint, glass tables or benches and lots of mirrors!

Naked windows

We never thought we’d be saying this, but in some instances, you’ll benefit from having no shades over your windows. The open window will allow even more natural light to fill and brighten the room.

Light filtering blinds

If you can’t go without blinds or curtains due to privacy reasons, look to light filtering window treatments that can make the most of your natural light sources.

For rooms that require privacy and plenty of natural light, vision blinds are ideal. These stylish blinds combine the sophisticated light diffusing properties of a translucent fabric with the stylish practicality of a roller blind. Sheer curtains are also a great choice, as the lightweight fabric allows plenty of natural light to flood the room, while protecting your privacy at the same time.

Other popular light filtering blinds include vertical blinds, roller blinds and double roller blinds, which all offer supreme light control.

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