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Guide to Blockout Blinds

Guide to Blockout Blinds

Find out more about types of blockout blinds for your home, including blockout Roman blinds, double rollers, and more.

What is a blockout blind?

A blockout blind is designed to remove as much light as possible from a space, rather than just filtering excess light out.

When is a blockout blind a good option?

These blinds are great for people who are light sleepers, have children, are shift workers, or for spaces like a home theatre room where you don't want glare on the screen.

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Best blockout blinds

Blockout roller blinds

blockout roller blinds

Blockout roller blinds are a specific fabric option for roller blinds in which they are thicker than other options like translucent or sunscreen fabric.

The additional thickness of this fabric helps to significantly reduce the amount of incoming light in your space.

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Blockout double roller blinds

Blockout double roller blinds

Double roller blinds are a common option for many homes as they're made using two pieces of fabric within the same system.

Often a blockout and a sunscreen fabric are paired together, giving the flexibility for both a blockout and a light filtering blind in one.

A blind like this is great for a living area or bedroom where you might want some light during the day and then complete darkness for sleeping or watching the TV without any glare.

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Blockout Roman blinds

Blockout roman blinds

Roman blinds are an elegant indoor window covering option for your home.

These blinds are made up of horizontal fabric slats, with options for a standard and a blockout fabric option.

Blockout Roman blinds are perfect for bedrooms and living areas or home theatres as they are both very functional and add sophistication to your space.

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Blockout panel blinds

Panel blinds are an alternative to standard vertical blinds, made up of much wider vertically hanging slats.

These blinds can be used in a variety of spaces, including as window blinds, sliding door blinds, and even as a room divider.

Blockout vertical blinds

Blockout vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are a simple, yet effective blind option which can provide both light filtering and blockout when needed.

By turning the control mechanism, the vertical slats can be angled to either allow light to pass through, or they'll lay flat, creating a barrier for light.

There's both a standard and a blockout vertical blind fabric option, giving you the additional coverage due to the thicker material.

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Motorised blockout blinds

Many types of blinds can be motorised, however the only blockout motorised blinds available are for Roman blinds.

Motorised blinds are a good option for many homes as they eliminate loose cords for kids or pets to play with, they can be set to open and close (even when you're not home, making it look like someone is inside), and are perfect for those times when you've just got comfortable on the couch and don't want to move to close the blinds.

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Can you hang blockout blinds with sheer curtains?

Blockout blinds can be installed with sheer curtains.

For blinds such as Roman and rollers, sheer curtains are a useful addition as they maintain privacy and light filtration when the blinds are raised to let in light.

Sheer curtains can also be great as a way to improve your home decor and create more of a luxe feeling.

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Blockout sheer curtains

Recess fit or face fitting blockout blinds?

When you're choosing how you want to install your blinds, there are two options: recess fit and face fit.

A recess fit is where the blind will fit within the window architrave / recess and it'll create a snug fit.

A face fit is where the blind will sit over the recess, completely covering the window.

For blockout purposes, a face fit does eliminate the very slim gap between the edge of the blind and the recess, where some light can pass through.

There's no right or wrong option, it all comes down to the level of blockout you're wanting.

Cleaning blockout blinds

Cleaning blockout blinds is not much different to any other fabric blind.

The main thing to remember is to ensure that you use as little water as possible. You don't want to drown the fabric and have it not dry properly.

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