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Guide to Roman Blinds

Guide to Roman Blinds

Upgrade your home decor with the beauty and functionality of classy Roman blinds. With many fabrics and colours to choose from, you’ll find the perfect fit for your home.

What is a Roman blind?

Roman blinds (sometimes also called Roman shades) are an elegant and affordable indoor blind.

These blinds are made up of horizontal fabric panels. When raised, the fabric folds up neatly, acting as a pelmet and completing the look of the window.

Features of Roman blinds

Roman blinds feature a single roll of fabric which is raised or lowered to control levels of light and privacy in your home.

As these blinds are mostly made from material, they can be ordered in almost any colour or pattern you desire.

Fabric options

Depending on how much light filtering you require, as well as your design preferences, there are different fabrics to choose from, including:

  • Blockout
  • Patterned
  • Plain
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Benefits of Roman blinds

Easy to operate

Simply twist the chain to raise the blinds to various heights for your desired level of incoming light.

Pair well with curtains

For greater light control in your home, pair them with curtains.

Pairing sheer curtains with Roman blinds gives your space more privacy as when your blinds are raised, your window is exposed. The layer of sheer material helps to soften the light and makes it harder for people to see in.

For more coverage, you can also choose linen or blockout curtains.

To see further details on how to pair blinds and curtains, visit our blog.

Child safe

Like all of the products in our range, Roman blinds meet international child safety standards and are 100% child safe.

When you order Roman blinds, they come with a child safety device to secure the operating mechanism.

Provides insulation

With a blockout Roman blind installed, you can enjoy the benefits of additional home insulation, reducing your energy bills and keeping your home at a more comfortable temperature all year round.

Can be made to measure

Made to measure Roman blinds can save you the stress and hassle of trying to get accurate measurements when ordering your blinds. With ABC Blinds, we will send out a consultant to your home who will measure your windows to ensure a perfect fit!

Types of Roman blinds

There are two types of Roman blind. Each style is made and manufactured right here in Perth, making them a welcome addition to any WA home.


As the name suggests, a blockout Roman blind is made with fabric that blocks out sunlight. This keeps out light throughout the day and helps to regulate the temperature in your home.

It's perfect for people who need additional darkness to sleep.

Jamaican blinds

Jamaican blinds

Jamaican blinds are similar to Natural Wonders, except they have a timber edging applied to each panel seam placed at the natural folds of the blind.

This style is best suited to homes with a coastal or Hamptons-inspired theme.

While they are a type of Roman blind, there are a few slight differences leading some people to consider them a different blind.

Read more about the difference between Roman blinds and Jamaican blinds on our website.

Where to install Roman blinds

As Roman blinds are a fabric blind, they are best suited to dry areas like bedrooms, living areas and offices.

If you're looking for wet area blinds for a bathroom, kitchen or laundry, visit our guide to find the best option.

Can Roman blinds be installed outside of the recess?

When you're installing your blinds, you can choose between a 'face fitting' or a 'recess' blind.

A face fitting blind is where it sits over the window recess. This helps to provide extra blockout, and is used when you're wanting your coverings to be much larger than your window for design purposes.

A recess blind is where it sits snug within the wall recess creating a seal against the window, helping with insulation.

While Roman blinds can be installed outside of the recess, they are not best suited to this as they are more effective and look nicer as a recess blind.

Frequently asked questions about Roman blinds

How to clean Roman blinds

As with other types of window coverings, the best way to maintain your Roman blinds over time is to regularly clean them.

This can be as little as dusting them over or giving them a light vacuum using the brush attachment.

On top of this, your blinds should be given a deeper clean every so often. To clean your Roman blinds, start by making sure they're lowered and the fabric panels are flat.

You can then wipe over them with a slightly dampened cloth and some soapy water.

As they are fabric, try to avoid using more water than you need to as they will take much longer to dry. Always remember to follow the cleaning instructions that come with your blinds.

Find out more about the easiest ways to clean your blinds on our website.

Are Roman blinds suitable for sliding doors?

Roman blinds aren't the best choice for sliding doors due to them not having the ability to slide across a track.

Window coverings like Vertical blinds, Vertisheers and Panel blinds are all great options as they can easily slide out of the way for unrestricted door access.

Learn more about the best sliding door blinds in our blog.

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