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Fabric Blinds: Options, Styles and Patterns

Fabric Blinds: Options, Styles and Patterns

There are plenty of reasons to opt for a fabric blind inside your home, not least of which because they’re always on-trend and stylish! But there is more to fabric blinds then their aesthetic appeal, and the type of fabric blind you choose should also depend on your functional needs.

Your guide to fabric blinds

What is a fabric blind?

No prizes for guessing that a fabric blind is a blind made of, well, fabric! The confusing part is choosing between the many different types of fabric blinds on the market. Fabric blinds can be roller blinds, cellular blinds, panel blinds, roman blinds or vision blinds - just to name a few! But whichever fabric blind style you choose, you can rest assured it will be custom built and designed to perfectly fit and match the interior style of your home.

Colours, patterns and opacity

Heart set on fluoro orange roller blinds? No problem. Want green romans? Absolutely! Sky’s the limit when it comes to the colours and patterns available for fabric blinds, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect option for your home. It’s a good idea to consider the level of privacy you want from your blinds too - the three most common opacity types available in fabric blinds are transparent (light diffusing fabrics), translucent (light filtering fabrics) and blockout (light blocking fabrics).


If we were to list all the customisation options you could opt for when it comes to fabric blinds, we’d run out of space! There is just so much choice in colour, pattern, texture and style - the possibilities and combinations really are endless. And if you’re looking at Roman blinds, for example, the choices don’t end at the fabric - you can even customise the colour of the bottom rail!

What about curtains and sheers?

If you like the look of fabric blinds, check out the range of curtains and sheers too. There’s a huge choice of colours, fabrics, styles and textures, that can also be custom made and built to suit any room in any home. Even vertisheers come in a wide range of contemporary shades like silver, grey, black, white and cream.

Interested in fabric blinds or curtains? We know the choice can be overwhelming, which is why we recommend a free measure and quote with one of our knowledgeable consultants. Give us a call or request a free measure and quote today.

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