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How To Pair Curtains and Blinds

How To Pair Curtains and Blinds

Have you thought about combining curtains and blinds together in your home but aren’t sure how to best make it work? Here are our top tips for what to think about when choosing the right curtain and blind pairing for your windows!

What to consider when pairing blinds and curtains

  • What kind of indoor blinds are you wanting? This will help you to know what you need from your curtains.
  • What colour combinations do you like? Using a colour wheel or colour palette generator can help you decide on colours that will work together.
  • Are you wanting to pair window coverings for more of an aesthetic purpose or because you need more light control?
  • What's your budget?

Types of curtains to pair with blinds

There are three types of curtains to choose from when pairing with blinds.

Blockout curtains

Blockout curtains are a great addition to any room where you need to have the option of creating complete darkness at any time of the day or night. Typically, blockout curtains are used for nurseries, living rooms/theatre rooms or bedrooms for light sleepers and shift workers.

When paired with blockout fabric blinds, this combination works really well to create total darkness.

If you want to find out more, head to our guide on blockout blinds blog!

Linen curtains

Linen curtains are similar to blockout curtains in that they are made from a slightly thicker fabric, however they don't block out as much light.

They're good for achieving more of an aesthetic combination for your pairing, rather than creating more blockout.

Sheer curtains

Sheer curtains are made from a very light fabric that's translucent (semi see through). Sheer is a great curtain to pair with blinds as it adds just that bit more privacy to your room, as well as helps to add a soft glow to your space.

Sheers are the most popular curtain used to hang over blinds as it lets in plenty of light without compromising on privacy.

These curtains are also great for an aesthetic finish as they can hide the look of your blinds and add a touch of elegance to your room.

Benefits of pairing curtains and blinds

There are many benefits to pairing blinds and curtains together on your windows.

Added privacy and security

Hanging curtains over your blinds gives your home a bit more privacy than you would achieve with blinds alone.

Particularly for blinds which roll up, like Roller blinds and Roman blinds, when they're fully rolled up you have no privacy as people can see straight through the window. By adding a curtain, you can still let in the same amount of light while also having that extra level of privacy.

Added style for your home decor

Adding a curtain is a simple and affordable way to hide blinds or shutters that are old or an eye sore, out of your view.

Buying all new window coverings can add up, so if you only have a small budget per window, curtains are a great option to make your space look nicer, add privacy, and feel more stylish.

Best blinds to pair with curtains

While all window coverings can be paired with curtains, some are better suited than others. Our top recommendations are:

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are an easy blind to pair with curtains, as curtains are needed to give your home privacy when your rollers are wound up to let in plenty of natural light.

To create total blockout in a room, go for a blockout Roller blind and a blockout curtain. Of course, you can always opt for a sheer curtain to still enjoy the natural light and create a bright and inviting living space.

Roman blinds

Roman blinds are similar to Roller blinds in terms of when they are up, the rest of the window is completely exposed. While this is great for having an abundance of natural light, it's not so great for maintaining your privacy. This is why pairing them with curtains is a good idea.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are one of the most common window coverings in homes as they are a very affordable blind.

Verticals are similar again to Roller and Roman blinds, in that when they are pulled across completely, there's nothing else on the window to reduce incoming light or give you any privacy. The only difference is that they pull across vertically.

With curtains hanging as well, you can solve both of those issues.

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are made up of horizontal slats which can be adjusted to the specific angle you want to direct incoming light.

The benefit of Venetians is that even when the slats are opened up, there is still a good amount of privacy on your windows.

Pairing curtains with Venetians isn't really needed as much for privacy, but it's a good way to either add style to your room or to lessen the incoming light, particularly helpful for rooms in constant direct sunlight.

How to choose your curtains and blinds pairing

  1. Choose your indoor blind first
  2. Choose the curtain pairing you want
  3. Choose your colour combination

Tips to make your blinds and curtains pair well together

Avoid pairing prints together

Patterned window coverings can make a statement without a doubt, but it's best not to pair two different patterns together on the same window.

Using different patterns on both your blinds and curtains can make your space look messy and overwhelming.

Instead, we recommend using one pattern and pairing it with a solid colour.

Use a colour wheel if you're not sure what colours pair nicely together

Pairing the wrong colours together when choosing a blind and curtain combination for your windows can ruin the aesthetic you're trying to create.

There are heaps of tools you can use to help with choosing colours, such as colour palette generators or just simply using a colour wheel.

You can also order up to five free samples from us so you can test the colour combinations of your curtains and blinds before you order them!

Vertisheers: Get the best of both worlds

If you're still not sure about hanging blinds and curtains together on your windows, Vertisheer blinds are something for you to consider.

Vertisheers combine curtains and blinds without actually needing two products. These window coverings are a two-in-one product that deliver both a sheer look and blockout solution. As stunningly elegant as they are practical, they allow for flexible light and privacy control and are a low-maintenance option for both windows and doors.

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