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Guide to Modern Vertical Blinds

Guide to Modern Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds don’t always have the best reputation, but there's much more to these indoor blinds than meets the eye! Find out why you should consider modern verticals for your home.

What are Vertical blinds?

Our ever-popular range of modern Vertical blinds consist of long, vertical fabric panels (called slats) that are clipped into a sliding track and operated with a wand.

Each slat is joined together by individual weights to keep them in place and ensure each one is evenly weighted across the length of the track.

Types of Vertical blind fabrics

There are two types of fabric you can choose from:


Translucent Vertical blinds are a popular option for homes. This fabric provides a good amount of privacy and light control, but won't create a complete block out of light. I


If you need blockout in certain rooms within your home, blockout Vertical blinds may be just what you're looking for!

These blinds are ideal for bedrooms, nurseries or any other room that requires darkness during the day.

The benefits of choosing Vertical blinds


These modern blinds are perfect for any size window as they can be customised to fit any space.

Their vertical design also gives the all-important illusion of height in a space, making them a favourite choice for larger windows in living areas or offices.


Vertical blinds are one of the most affordable blind options for homes.

While they are less expensive than other types of blinds, verticals aren't any less in terms of quality.


These blinds are one of the simplest to operate. To use them, simply rotate the wand to angle them according to where you want the incoming light to go.

To move your blinds to one side and open up your window, all you need to do is pull the wand along the track.

Good for both windows and sliding doors

In addition to being a great option for window, Vertical blinds are also well suited to sliding doors.

As these blinds are made of vertical panels and can be stacked to one side, it makes them an ideal blind for sliding doors, as they won't block any access to your door while also still providing privacy.

Come in a range of colours

Verticals are available in many fun, modern and vibrant colours, and patterns!

Good option for rental properties

If you have an investment property and want a functional and good quality blind, but don't want to spend a lot, Vertical blinds are a great option.

If they get damaged, they aren't expensive to replace, but still maintain a good amount of light control and privacy for your tenants.

Learn more about why modern verticals are good for rentals in our blog.

How to clean Vertical blinds

Regular cleaning

The best way to maintain your blinds over a longer period of time is to make them a part of your regular cleaning routine.

Using a soft duster or a very gentle vacuum, support the fabric with one hand and start at the top corner of the slat and work across each panel in drop sections. Once you've reached the bottom of the fabric, repeat across each panel.

If you're using a vacuum, avoid any harsh brush attachments and only ever use the lightest level of suction to avoid puckering, creasing, or distorting the fabric.

Spot cleaning

If you notice a spot or mark on the fabric of a slat or multiple slats, it's important to remove them as soon as possible by spot cleaning.

First, grab a clean cloth and a mild detergent solution to get started. If you've found the mark is quite stubborn, a clothing stain remover pre-wash treatment may be necessary.

It's important to exercise caution when using a stronger cleaning agent. As our large range of fabrics vary in resilience, we suggest testing on an inconspicuous area just to be safe.

Holding behind the fabric for support, gently dab the front of the marked fabric with the cloth and mild detergent solution and then allow it to air dry.

After the area has dried remove any residue of solution with clean water and another clean cloth. Always avoid scrubbing or rubbing the fabric as this is a sure way to distort your slat.

With proper care and maintenance, your Vertical blinds will not only last for years to come, but they'll look fantastic year-round.

Can Vertical blinds be motorised?

Unfortunately, verticals can't be motorised at the moment.

Are Vertical blinds old fashioned?

Gone are the days of verticals being considered old fashioned. You can now find a range of colours and fun patterns to make your decor look modern and elegant, without the high price tag.

Where to hang Vertical blinds

Modern verticals can be installed in any room in your house, but are best suited to bedrooms, offices and living areas.

If you're wanting to install verticals in wet areas like your bathroom, laundry, or kitchen you can do so, but make sure you have good ventilation in place. This helps keep your blinds in tip-top shape and prevents the build-up of mould.

Vertical blinds with sheers

If you're still not sold on the idea of Vertical blinds and need a little more convincing, why not pair them with sheer curtains?

Sheers are a very lightweight and translucent curtain which can be hung in front of your blinds.

This partially hides the verticals, and also adds that little bit more elegance to your space!

Sheers have the additional benefit of creating a soft glow of light in your space!

Vertical blinds vs Panel blinds

Vertical blinds and Panel Glide blinds are very similar products but do have a few distinguishing features.

In terms of slat size, modern verticals are a thinner slat, whereas Panel Glide blinds are made up of a much larger panel.

Panel blinds can be used for windows as well as room dividers by attaching them to your roof. These blinds also offer added elegance to a space, however with the added elegance, comes a higher price tag.

Custom Vertical blinds

To get the right fit for your home, ordering custom Vertical blinds means you don't need to worry about the size being wrong and trying to make modifications yourself.

Are you wanting to order custom Vertical blinds for your home? To arrange a free measure and quote with a highly-trained consultant in your own home, give us a call on 13 13 15 or fill out this simple online form. We provide this service to a wide range of locations around the metro and select regional areas, 6 days a week between 8am and 6pm.

The majority of our blinds, curtains and awnings are made in Australia and are sold for the lowest price in the market, guaranteed. Just bring in a quote on any competitor's comparable item and we'll beat it by 5%.

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