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Guide to Double Roller Blinds

Guide to Double Roller Blinds

Double Roller blinds are one of the most versatile blind options for your home. They provide you with flexible light control, added privacy and blockout when you need it. Find out more about Double Rollers below!

What are Double Roller blinds?

Double Roller blinds (also known as day and night blinds, Aero Roller blinds, or blockout blinds) are made up of two fabric rollers which can be individually controlled, providing your home with complete coverage whenever you need it.

Choosing to combine two different fabrics makes your blinds useful for different situations. The most common fabric combination is blockout and sunscreen.

Watch our video explaining more about Aero Roller blinds.

How do blockout blinds work?

These blinds work by the two fabric rolls pairing together to help regulate the incoming light. The fabric rolls give you much more flexibility in light control as you can choose to have full incoming light, partial, or complete blockout.

Fabric types


Blockout fabric is a great option to consider for rooms where you need the option for complete darkness at any time of the day or night. This fabric is much thicker than standard fabrics, giving it the light block out properties.


Sunscreen fabric is a special type of fabric, designed to help reduce the intensity of incoming light and UV rays.

This is a great option for rooms where you have direct and strong amounts of incoming light.

Sunscreen fabric not only helps to keep your house cooler, but it's also a very protective fabric. It especially helps to reduce the amount of contact your furniture has with direct sunlight, preventing fading.


As the name suggests, translucent fabric is a lighter option, giving you plenty of privacy while still letting in plenty of light.

Benefits of day and night blinds

Added privacy and security

When most other blinds are rolled up, they limit the privacy you're getting as there's no longer anything preventing people from seeing in.

However, with Double Roller blinds, there are two fabric layers, so if you want to let some light in, you can just roll one up, and keep the other down for privacy.

This also helps give your home more security, as people cannot see into your home, to scope out any valuables or to see you and your family.

24/7 blockout

All blinds are designed to give you light control and to help create darkness in your home, but not all blinds can give you complete blockout.

With blinds like double rollers, their thickness can give you the blockout you need, regardless of whether it's daylight outside.

Great for nurseries and shift workers

Having blockout blinds is a great option for anyone, but it's particularly helpful for nurseries or for shift workers who need to sleep during the day.

Better temperature regulation in your home

Blockout fabric is great for helping to control your home's interior temperature.

The thick nature of the fabric can trap heat inside during the cooler months, and stop heat from passing through the window when it's warmer. Even if it's just a few degrees, it can make all the difference!

What is the difference between Roller blinds and Double Roller blinds?

The difference between Roller blinds and double rollers is the number of fabric layers. Double rollers have two layers, making them twice as effective, and a great option for blockout blinds.

Roller blinds are a great option for rooms that aren't street facing, as when they're rolled up there is nothing to give your room any privacy. Double rollers are great for any room, particularly for nurseries, bedrooms, or living areas as they can give your room more blockout of light.

How to clean Double Roller blinds

Luckily for you, these indoor blinds are fairly low-maintenance and easy to clean.

Rather than taking your blinds down, we recommend leaving them up while cleaning.

The key to getting your blinds to last longer and still look new, is to maintain a consistent cleaning schedule by ensuring you're dusting them over regularly.

Give each fabric layer a vacuum with a soft bristled brush attachment, then wipe them with a damp cloth and leave to air dry. Your Double Roller blinds will be looking as good as new in no time at all.

For any difficult marks on your blinds, spot cleaning is the way to go. This involves having some warm, soapy water and a damp cloth and simply dabbing the affected area. Make sure not to rub in one spot as this can damage the material.

Read more about cleaning your Double Roller blinds in our blog.

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