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Guide to Roller blinds

Guide to Roller blinds

Thinking of choosing indoor Roller blinds for your home? Keep reading to find out about the benefits of these versatile blinds and how to make them work best in your space!

How do Roller blinds work?

Roller blinds are a simple blind, made from a roller and a piece of fabric. These blinds can be rolled down to their full length for privacy and light control, or they can be rolled up to your desired length to let in plenty of light.

They can be controlled using a chain, a wand or by being converted to a motorised product.

What rooms are Roller blinds best suited to?

Roller blinds are best suited to living rooms, bedrooms, and offices.

They can also be installed in wet areas like your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry, as long as you have proper ventilation such as a fan or keeping a window open when showering.

Types of indoor Roller blind fabric options


For rooms where you need more light control at times, blockout fabric is great.

This opaque fabric is much thicker than other fabrics and when rolled down, is great for total blockout.


For rooms in direct sunlight, sunscreen fabric is a good option to consider. While it doesn’t offer blockout, it’s great for reducing the strength of incoming UV rays, and the intensity of the light.

Sunscreen fabric helps to protect your skin and furniture in rooms where the sunlight is strong.

Benefits of installing indoor Roller blinds

Style options

Indoor Roller blinds come in a variety of colour and pattern options, making them fully customisable to your home decor.

Patterned Roller blinds make for excellent statement pieces in your home.

Privacy and security

When rolled down, these blinds are great at providing your home with privacy and added security, as the material isn’t see through therefore restricting people from seeing into your home.


Roller blinds are one of the only blinds which can be safely installed in any room in your home, meaning that they can be used in all sorts of environments without the risk of damage. Some environments are better than others, but that can be worked around with the right precautions.


Indoor Roller blinds are a very affordable blind offering for your home. They are simple in design and execution, but they are effective and are great for anyone with a low budget, or in need of a basic blind.

Roller blind control options

Chain-drive (manual control)

This is your standard control option. Chain drives are operated by pulling on the chain to raise and lower the blinds.

Securo wand (manual control)

The most popular operating system, the Securo Wand, encases the operation chain. To raise or lower the blinds, simply pull the chain with your fingers. The Securo Wand is completely child-safe for kids of any age.

Eve MotionBlinds (motorised control)

For a motorised Roller blind option, that can be controlled using a smartphone app, try Eve MotionBlinds.

Eve MotionBlinds are a great option for home blind motorisation as they don’t require any wiring when they’re installed or need a hub to connect to, instead they are simple to connect and use straight away.

The SmartHub (motorised control)

If you have multiple blinds in your home you want to motorise, and they’re all different types of blinds, the best option for you is the SmartHub motorisation.

This motorisation involves having a central hub which all your blinds connect to and can be controlled from. This includes up to 20 sets of both indoor and outdoor blinds.

Learn more about operating systems for Roller blinds in our blog.

How to clean Roller blinds

Cleaning Roller blinds is very straightforward. All they need is a dust over with a microfiber cloth or a feather duster every so often to remove any dust that’s built up.

If you find any dirt marks on your blinds, dampen a cloth with soapy water and lightly dab (don’t rub) the fabric. Rubbing the fabric can damage the blind and make it harder to remove the mark.

A good tip to remember is to only use a dampened cloth so you’re not adding any more water than you need to.

Can Roller blinds be fitted outside the window recess?

Roller blinds can be fitted inside or outside the window recess, it just depends on your preference.

Fitting your blind within the recess creates a snug fit which helps to add that little bit more insulation to your home.

Whereas, fitting your blind outside the recess eliminates the tiny gaps you’d usually have between the recess and the edge of the blind, adding more light control and reducing glare that might sneak through the gaps.

Pairing Roller blinds and curtains

If you’re thinking of having a curtain and Roller blind pairing for your windows, sheer curtains are a great option.

Sheer curtains are made from a very light material and are translucent in nature. This helps them to add a soft glow to your room as they allow plenty of light to come in, while softening the intensity of the light.

When Roller blinds are fully rolled down, they provide plenty of privacy, however when they’re rolled up, there’s nothing giving your room any privacy. That’s where sheer curtains are great to have. While you can see outside clearly, onlookers can’t see in, giving you back that privacy while still letting the light in.

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