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Guide to the Best Nursery Blinds

Guide to the Best Nursery Blinds

Not sure what blinds are best for your nursery? There are many options to consider, depending on your needs. Keep reading to find out our top recommendations for child safe blinds!

Why blinds are safe for a nursery

Our range of indoor blinds are all child safe and meet international safety standards. Many come with the option of additional safety measures such as the Securo wand control or motorisation, which eliminates having any cords or need for manual operation.

Why nursery blinds are important

Controlling incoming light

As any new parent will tell you, sleep is vital for everyone when there's a baby in the family. So, in the baby's room, you'll want to be able to keep the room dark for as long as possible, even when the sun is bright.

Controlling sound

It's important to keep a baby's room quiet and comfortable, which means minimising sounds from outside, particularly if their room faces a busy road.

Helping to regulate the temperature of the room

A baby's temperature needs to be heavily regulated, so you'll need a window dressing that can keep the heat out in summer and insulate the room in winter.


If the nursery is going to become your toddler's room, it's important to avoid window dressings with long chains, ropes or anything that could be a potential hazard when they're a baby.

What are the best nursery blinds?

While all of ABC Blinds' range of indoor blinds are child safe, there are a few blind options that we recommend over others.

Vertical blinds

For a practical, versatile and child safe blind option look no further than Vertical blinds. These blinds offer complete light control and privacy at an affordable price point!

Each panel of fabric can be tilted to allow just the right amount of light into the room or can be closed completely for better light filtering. Their state of the art tracking system ensures verticals are easy to use and as safe as possible, especially for children.

Verticals are also a great choice for adding some colour and vibrancy into the room as they come in a huge range of styles and colours to suit any nursery décor.

If you like the idea of verticals but need more light filtering, you can choose blockout verticals which have a thicker panel giving your room additional darkness.

Find out more about the modern Vertical blind in our full guide!

Double Roller blinds

We're a big fan of Double Roller blinds as they're stylish and multifunctional.

Double Roller blinds are one of the best nursery blinds as they give you the option of different degrees of light filtering and insulation, plus they do a brilliant job of maintaining the temperature of a room during the summer and winter months.

They also provide your room with additional privacy as you can choose to only roll up one panel while one will still be down. This blocks out any prying eyes, as well as maintains some light filtering while still giving your nursery some natural light.

Interested in Double rollers? Learn more!

Tripleshade blinds

For the ultimate light control, you can't go past Tripleshade blinds.

They function as a blind and a curtain in one, with horizontal panels that allow you to soften the light or block it out altogether.

They're ultra-low-maintenance, needing only the occasional brush, and the child-safe chain system lets you control the angle of the slats as well as retract the blind into its stylishly designed cassette.

Motorised blinds for your nursery

Motorised blinds are a great nursery blind option as they eliminate the need for dangling cords for little ones to be tempted by.

There are two options for choosing a motorised blind, depending on which type of blinds you'd like motorised.

SmartHub Motorisation

SmartHub motorisation allows you to connect up to 20 sets of blinds throughout your home to one central device. The best thing about this option is that you can mix up which types of blinds you'd like motorised.

You can motorise these indoor blinds:

  • Roman blinds
  • Vision blinds
  • Roller blinds
  • Ares blinds
  • Tripleshade blinds

Eve MotionBlinds

If Roller blinds are your preferred blind option, Eve MotionBlinds are another option for you. These blinds don't have a central hub, instead, they connect to your smartphone using Apple HomeKit technology.

By scanning the QR code these blinds come with, your blinds will pair, and you can control them with your smartphone or by using voice assistance technology.

Want some more information about choosing a motorised blinds? Learn more in our in-depth guide.

Do babies really need blackout blinds?

Babies absolutely need blinds to darken nurseries, but whether you choose standard or blockout blinds depends on your preference and need.

The benefit of blockout blinds is that they can provide that little bit more darkening of rooms than standard blinds can as the fabric is much thicker.

This hopefully helps your little one to have a better quality sleep as there's no light interrupting them. It all depends on how light of a sleeper your bub is.

Choosing the right blind for your child is a big decision, as you want them to be safe as well as to have an effective blind. For more tips on choosing child-safe blinds, visit our blog.

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