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How To Master Light Filtering Blinds In Your Home

How To Master Light Filtering Blinds In Your Home

Light filtering blinds have many benefits for your home and can be a very useful choice. Keep reading to find out what blinds we recommend, the benefits of choosing light filtering blinds over blockout blinds and more.

Light filtering blinds vs room darkening blinds: what's the difference?

Light filtering blinds are designed to reduce the amount of incoming light without completely blocking it out. These blinds are either slatted or made from a lighter fabric so light can still pass through.

Room darkening blinds (also known as blockout blinds or curtains) are designed to create total darkness in a space. This is useful if you need a darker room to sleep in, or want a theatre-like experience in your living area. These window coverings are made using a much thicker material so light cannot pass through.

There are benefits to both types of blinds, but it'll depend on what you plan to use your space for, as to which you should choose!

Benefits of light filtering blinds

Light filtering blinds have many benefits for your home. The main reason to choose this type of blind is that they maintain your privacy without limiting your natural light.

These blinds are a great option for rooms like offices or living areas where you don't want complete blockout, but you want a level of light control.

Light filtering blinds also help you save on electricity bills as you can more utilise natural light than ceiling lights.

Best light filtering blinds options for your home

Vertisheer blinds


Vertisheers are a unique window covering as they are considered to be both a curtain and blind in one; combining the fabric and style of a sheer curtain with the functionality of a vertical blind. Due to this combination, they're an excellent light filtering option for your home.

Learn more about light filtering Vertisheer blinds in our blog.

Vision blinds

Vision blinds

Vision blinds (also known as Day and Night blinds) feature two layers of horizontally striped fabric (opaque and translucent) which work together to gently filter light or block it out completely.

Vision blinds can be custom made with metallic finishes, natural wood effects and classic muted tones.

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Tripleshade blinds

Consisting of three layers, Tripleshade blinds do an excellent job of light filtering in your home.

Tripleshade blinds work by a layer of Venetian-style blinds sitting between two layers of sheer fabric. The amount of incoming light can then be adjusted by moving the horizontal vane up and down.

Ares blinds

Ares blinds look similar to Roman blinds, but they add more light softening thanks to the sheer fabric they are made from.

The integrated dim-out and sheer panel design provides easy light and privacy control in one compact roller design system.

The best of both worlds: light filtering and blockout blinds in one

If you have a space where you'd like the flexibility of both light filtering blinds as well as the option for blockout, double roller blinds could be the perfect blind for your home.

Double roller blinds are made up of two fabric panels in one system, often combining one sunscreen roller fabric with one blockout fabric.

This combination gives you the option to create blockout by having both fabrics rolled down, or to have light filtering by rolling up the blockout fabric and only using the sunscreen fabric.

Double rollers can be useful in areas like bedrooms or living areas where the dual usage can be very useful.

Can you see through light filtering blinds at night?

Light filtering blinds are great for adding privacy during the day and night due to the fabric not being completely see through. While shadows might be seen, anyone passing by won't be able to directly see into your home.

What is the difference between sunscreen and light filtering blinds?

Sunscreen is a type of fabric that can be chosen for a blind, whereas light filtering is more of a category of blinds.

Sunscreen fabric is a popular option to use for roller and double roller blinds!

How to clean light filtering blinds

Cleaning light filtering blinds is very similar to how you'd clean any other blinds!

As they're fabric, ensure not to get them too wet. You only want the fabric damp enough to wipe them over.

Learn more blind cleaning tips and tricks in our guide.

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