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Guide to Vertisheer Blinds

Guide to Vertisheer Blinds

Vertisheer blinds are a popular product known for their elegance, privacy, style and functionality. If you like the idea of a Vertical blind and a sheer curtain in one product, Vertisheers are for you.

What are Vertisheer blinds?

Vertisheer blinds are a unique window covering as they can be considered both an indoor blind and a curtain!

These two-in-one coverings are designed with the function of Vertical blinds, and the material and overall look and feel of a sheer curtain.

For a full overview of Vertisheer blinds, watch our product video.

Benefits of Vertisheers

Combines two popular products

The biggest benefit of Vertisheers is that they combine two products in one, meaning that if you were after a blind and sheer curtain combination to start with, you can have both by choosing Vertisheers.

Cheaper than installing two window coverings

Having two products in one saves you money and time as there's no need to purchase and install a blind and a curtain. With Vertisheers, you're only purchasing one covering, one track and installing one fixture.

A more stylish finish

If you're after a more elegant looking finish to your space, Vertisheers are a great option. The sheer material helps filter light in a way that gives your room a soft glow, making your space feel welcoming and that little bit more luxurious than what you'd get from Vertical blinds alone.

Having two window coverings can sometimes look cluttered. With Vertisheers, you're only hanging one product and one track, meaning you'll have a sleeker look to your windows.


When Vertisheers are opened, the sheer fabric allows the natural light into your home, along with a clear view of the outside world.

When they're closed, you have a great block-out product, which will provide you with maximum privacy.

Many colours options

Vertisheer blinds are available in a wide range of modern colours, like silver, grey, black, white, and cream.

These gorgeous neutral colours will suit any style of room with ease.

How to clean Vertisheers

One of the greatest advantages of Vertisheers is how low maintenance they are.

To clean them, all you need to do is brush them every so often to make sure they stay free of any dust and debris that may be in the air.

If they get any spots or dirt marks on them, spot cleaning is the way to go. This involves using a microfiber cloth with some warm and soapy water, and gently dabbing the area where the mark is. Make sure not to scrub the material as this can cause damage to the fibres.

For more tips on expertly cleaning your blinds, head to our helpful guide.

Where to install Vertisheer blinds?

Vertisheers are a very versatile window covering and are ideal for installation in many rooms throughout your home, particularly areas like your living room, dining room or in bedrooms.

Vertisheers are not only great for windows, but they can also be the perfect solution for your patio doors. As they slide along a vertically hanging track, they can be moved out of the way for easy and unrestricted access to your sliding doors.

Control options

Vertisheers are a manually controlled window covering, which have an innovative cord and chain mechanism.

Can vertisheers be motorised?

Yes they can! Vertisheers can be motorised using a 240V electric motor which can draw your blinds to one side whenever you need.

How much do Vertisheers cost?

Vertisheer blinds are not considered to be a budget blind option and are more of a mid-range product. They're a are a great option for getting the look of a more luxury product without the higher price point.

The cost of your Vertisheers will depend on the size of your window. The best way to get an idea of what you'd expect to pay is by organising an obligation-free measure and quote with one of our consultants!

To arrange a free measure and quote with a highly-trained consultant in your own home, give us a call on 13 13 15 or fill out this simple online form. We provide this service to a wide range of locations around the metro and select regional areas, 6 days a week between 8am and 6pm.

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