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The Best Blinds for Day and Night

The Best Blinds for Day and Night

Having blinds that are suitable for both day and night means you have 24/7 light control and privacy! Choosing the right day and night blinds can be challenging though, so we’ve come up with our top recommendations. Keep reading to find out more!

What are day and night blinds?

Day and night blinds are blinds which have the ability to blockout light at any time of the day or night.

Day/night blinds have three main abilities:

  1. To create blackout during the day or night
  2. To still provide the option of filtering incoming light when blockout isn't needed
  3. To maintain a level of privacy at all times

How do day night blinds work?

Day and night blinds work by being more of a blockout blind option than standard blinds are designed to be.

These blinds tend to be a combination of more than one type of fabric, which gives them their day and night properties.

Advantages of day and night blinds

Day and night blinds are best for situations where you need a dark room at any time of the day. This might be for a nursery to help your baby sleep, if you're a shift worker and need to sleep during the day, or simply just an option for a home theatre.

Another advantage of day and night blinds is that these blinds are great at helping reduce your energy bills! As their focus is on creating darkness during the day, this darkness helps to keep cool air inside during summer and heat in during winter. This means you don't need to have your air con or heater on for as long.

Best day and night blinds

Not sure which day/night blinds are best? Here are a few options to consider!

Double Roller Blinds

Double Roller blinds are blinds designed with two rollers, each with a different fabric option.

The combination of fabric is typically one roll of a sunscreen fabric and the other of a blockout fabric.

Double roller blinds are one of the most effective day and night blinds as they provide flexible light control options. Achieving blockout of light during the day is hard, but having two layers of fabric means you're set for a dark room at any time!

Vision blinds

Vision blinds offer both the benefits of Roller blinds and Venetian blinds in one stylish product.

These blinds consist of two layers of horizontal striped fabric (one layer is opaque and the other translucent), which work together to gently filter the natural light, or to block it out completely.

Tripleshade blinds

Tripleshade blinds are made up of three different fabrics, including two layers of sheer fabric, with a Venetian-style blind in the middle.

These blinds can act as both a curtain and a blind. Simply open the slats up to let light in, while still maintaining your privacy, and keep them closed when you need blackout of light.

Tricoshade blinds

With the sleek look and horizontal blades of a shutter and the versatility of a Roller blind, Tricoshade blinds are a brilliant choice for day and night practicality in your home.

The alternate sheer and dim-out panels allow for three different looks and functions in one single window dressing.

Tricoshade blinds are also a great option for energy efficiency as they can help reduce your energy bills!

These blinds are also one of the most elegant-looking blind options if you're looking for a functional, yet stunning blind.

Can day and night blinds be fitted outside recess?

There are two options to consider when hanging your indoor blinds. These are choosing a recess fit or a face fit.

A recess fit is when your window coverings sit comfortably within the window recess (cut-out of the wall) and there is no excess hanging outside of this cut-out.

A face fit is when the blind is fitted outside of the recess. This fit can be better for blockout as your blind will cover all edges, meaning no sneaky slivers of light on any edges.

There's not much of a difference as to which fit you choose, it depends mostly on your preference!

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