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Caring for your Vertisheers

As with all window applications it is very important to adopt a regular light cleaning routine, this will not only help to keep your Aluminium Venetian Blinds looking fresh and new it will also help reduce the need for deeper cleaning.

Light regular cleaning

  • Do not attempt to remove your Vertisheer from its track to clean as this can lead to creasing of the fabric and panel inserts.
  • Using a soft duster or a very gentle vacuum and supporting the fabric with one hand, start in a top corner and work across the width of the Vertisheer in small drop sections, repeating across next section down etc until you reach the bottom of the fabric
  • If using a vacuum avoid using any harsh brush attachments and only ever use a very gentle suction, to avoid puckering, creasing or distorting the fabric and inserts.

Spot cleaning

  • Always remove any marks on fabric as soon as possible by spot cleaning.
  • Using two clean white cloths and a mild detergent solution or for more stubborn marks a clothing stain remover pre wash treatment (we suggest when using for the first time test on an inconspicuous area).
  • Holding one cloth behind the marked fabric for support gently dab the front of marked fabric with the other cloth and mild detergent solution then allow to air dry after the area has dried remove any residue of solution with clean water and another clean white cloth.
  • Never scrub or rub at the fabric as this can cause distortion.

Remember that with proper care and maintenance you are not only retaining the aesthetics of your roller blinds but also contributing to their longevity giving many years of functional beauty to your home.

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