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Caring for your Shutters

Operating the blades

  • Clearview: Use both hands to operate the blades/louvres (open andclose). The clearview strip is not to be used to operate the blades/louvres.
  • Centre Tiltrod: Use the Tiltrod Bar to operate the blades/louvres (open and close)

Operating the panels

  • For By-Pass/Sliding Shutters: Ensure all blades/louvres are closed before operating sliding panels to avoid blades from hitting each other (clash of blades on front & back panels)
  • For Bi-Fold Shutters: Ensure all blades/louvres are closed before operating bi-fold panels to avoid blades from hitting each other when stacking the panels (clash of blades on joint panels).

Care for the Shutters

  • Blades/Louvres should be opened and closed regularly.
  • All panels on Bi-fold shutters should be stacked regularly.
  • All panels on Sliding shutters should be slided regularly.
  • Shutters should be cleaned regularly to prevent build up of dirts and dusts.
    • Use the vacuum with a soft brush attachment to lightly vacuum the blades/louvres. Microfibre or static cling duster can also be used as an alternative
    • Tilt down all the blades/louvres and vacuum/clean in a downward stroke.
    • Do not push too hard against the blades/louvres to avoid scratching the blades/louvres.
    • Do one side first before vacuuming/cleaning the other side.
    • Use a soft damp cloth to remove any stubborn dusts/dirts.
    • For Timber Shutters, use dry soft cloth or microfibre or static cling duster only
    • Vacuum or sweep away dirts/dusts that may have fallen to the floor or tracks
    • It is important not to use cleaning solutions or abrasive cleaners on shutters that may damage the shutter surfaces

External Aluminium Shutters should be hosed down regularly and washed with a very mild detergent to remove contaminants from airborne dirt and salt in coastal areas. Please ensure to rinse off thoroughly and remove any excess waters with a cloth.

Please use the following table as a guideline to clean your external Aluminium Shutters:

Mild10km from coastal / suburban areasEvery 6 months
Moderate5km from coastal / high traffic areasEvery 3 months
Severe1km from coastal / heavy industrial areasEvery 2 weeks
Highly Severe500m from coastal / heavy industrial areasEvery 1 week

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