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Caring for your Aluminium Venetian Blind

As with all window applications it is very important to adopt a regular light cleaning routine, this will not only help to keep your Aluminium Venetian Blinds looking fresh and new it will also help reduce the need for deeper cleaning.

Light regular cleaning

  • Using a soft microfiber cloth or a very gentle vacuum with soft brush attachment and supporting the slats with one hand, with blinds rotated into the closed position start in the top centre and work across the blind out to the left and right edge and down.
  • If using a vacuum avoid using any harsh brush attachments and only ever use a very gentle suction, to avoid creasing or distorting the slats.
  • Open the blind and rotate the slats the opposite way and repeat.

Spot cleaning

  • Always remove any marks on slats as soon as possible by spot cleaning.
  • Using a clean cloth and a mild detergent solution.
  • Supporting the slat wipe the area clean and dry area with kitchen towel.

Deep cleaning

For a deeper more thorough clean you can remove blind and soak in warm water and mild detergent in the bath, then rinse gently with clean fresh water, hang to dry, an outdoor clothesline on a sunny day is ideal. We recommend only doing this if blind has become particularly grubby and needs more than a regular light cleaning and spot cleaning.

Remember that with proper care and maintenance you are not only retaining the aesthetics of your roller blinds but also contributing to their longevity giving many years of functional beauty to your home.

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