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Blinds vs Shutters: Which Are Best?

Blinds vs Shutters: Which Are Best?

Find out more about the benefits of shutters vs blinds in our latest blog! Keep reading to see which is right for your home.

Blinds vs shutters: let's compare the two

Shutters and blinds are two very different window covering options; however, they do share a few qualities.

They both:

  • Provide different looks and benefits to your home.
  • Are effective in giving your home security, light control and privacy.
  • Are suitable in both wet and dry areas, depending on the type you use.

Indoor blinds

Types of indoor blinds

There are three main types of indoor blinds:

  1. Fabric-panelled: Roller blinds, Double roller blinds and Vertisheer blinds
  2. Vertically-slatted: Panel blinds and Vertical blinds
  3. Horizontal-slatted: Venetian blinds, Roman blinds and Vision blinds
indoor blinds


There are a few reasons to choose blinds over shutters for your new home.

Blinds are generally more affordable and have a wider range of colour and fabric options. If you want more freedom in creating the perfect home decor, blinds are definitely the better option.

Unlike shutters which require manual operation, window coverings such as roller blinds, vision and Roman blinds also have the option for motorisation, either as part of the SmartHub system or Eve MotionBlinds.

Motorised blinds give your home more security in that they can be programmed to open and close when you're not home, making it seem like someone is there. Eve MotionBlinds can also be controlled using your smartphone, meaning that you no longer have to move from the comfort of the couch to close the blinds at night.

Learn more in our guide to motorised blinds.

Indoor shutters

Types of indoor shutters

  1. Standard: Aluminium shutters, Basswood shutters, Wooden shutters
  2. Plantation shutters
  3. Sliding shutters


The main benefits of choosing shutters is that they have insulating factors to help regulate the temperature of your home, are low maintenance and easy to clean, and the wide, flat louvres give plenty of privacy while maintaining air flow.

Shutters are also a very long lasting window covering due to being made from mainly timber or aluminium. These make them a worthwhile investment as you're not going to need to replace them as often.

indoor shutter

Frequently asked blinds vs shutters questions

Are blinds and shutters both childproof?

Our entire range of window coverings are child safe to comply with Australian standards. No matter the product you choose, you can rest assured knowing they are safe for little ones.

Some of our range of blinds, such as roller blinds, have additional control options to increase child safety.

For example, you can choose the Securo wand control option, which is designed so there are no loops children can get caught in.

Learn more about child-safe blinds in our blog.

Are blinds more affordable than shutters?

Unlike shutters, which have a higher price point, you can easily find a style of blinds to match your budget. The most affordable indoor blinds are verticals, Venetians, and roller blinds.

Find out about how much indoor blinds cost in our guide.

Do blinds and shutters pair well with curtains?

Both blinds and shutters can be paired with curtains! Curtains are a popular option to pair with blinds as they help to provide additional privacy and can either be used for further blackout, or for softening the incoming light.

When pairing blinds or shutters with curtains, the main thing to consider is being able to easily access both window coverings without the other getting in the way.

Learn more about pairing blinds and curtains in our blog.

Blinds or shutters for sliding doors

Both blinds and shutters can be used for sliding doors, however there are more blind options to choose from.

The best blinds for sliding doors are panel blinds, Vertisheer blinds and vertical blinds as they slide along a track at the top of the door frame and can be easily moved out of the way.

If you're wanting a shutter, choose sliding shutters as they're designed to operate this way. Standard and plantation shutters are much better for windows.

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