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Blinds vs Shutters: Which Are Best?

Blinds vs Shutters: Which Are Best?

Like most items for your home, window dressings are usually a matter of taste. If you’ve ruled out curtains, you’re probably trying to decide between shutters and blinds… but are probably finding yourself overwhelmed with all the different options in the market! It helps to understand the functional differences between the two styles before you make up your mind, which is why we’ve created this handy guide to shutters and blinds for you.

Benefits of blinds and shutters

From price to practicality, we’ve broken down the benefits of both blinds and plantation shutters to help you find the perfect match for your windows.


Increase light and airflow: Once installed over your windows, shutters will provide gentle air filtration and regulate airflow to keep your home bright and airy.

Insulating: Their robust design creates an additional layer of insulation over windows, working to keep heat inside during winter and block heat in summer. Not only does this help to regulate the temperature throughout the year, but it also means your home will be more energy efficient and bills will be reduced!

Low maintenance: With wide, flat louvres, shutters are incredibly easy to clean. All they need is a quick dusting and a wipe down every so often.

Child safe: All of our products are completely child safe, however, unlike blinds, shutters have no cords or chains at all. This not only gives them a more streamlined appearance, but it means those with little ones can enjoy complete peace of mind.

Add value: Shutters are an attractive choice for their durable nature and timeless, universally appealing style. As a result, installation of shutters can add value to your home when (or if) it comes time to sell.


Huge variety: At ABC Blinds, we have multiple types of window blinds, including privacy blinds, for the home or office. There are also many different fabrics and colours on offer to suit any décor.

Option to motorise: Unlike shutters which require manual operation, most of product range can become motorised blinds for complete ease of use. Once motorised, your blinds can be connected to our Smart Home Hub, giving you remote control over your blinds via your home WiFi.

Budget friendly: Unlike shutters, which tend to have a higher price point, you can easily find a style of blinds to match your budget. Choose from the most affordable styles such as roller blinds or vertical blinds or browse our premium designer range.

Child safe: No matter what style you’re after, all of our blinds meet international child safety standards. For more tips on choosing child safe blinds, check out our guide.

Short delivery timeframe: When it comes to delivery times, blinds win this round! Blinds have a turnaround time of approximately 14 days (from order to installation), whereas shutters can take slightly longer to manufacture.

The verdict

Of course, everyone’s home, style and budget are different! Especially if you have specific requirements for your room. So, if you’re still wondering whether blinds or shutters are the right choice for you, why not head into one of our showrooms? Take your time having a look around, testing out your options and chatting to an expert showroom consultant about the pros and cons of each.

Want to learn more about shutters or blinds? Give us a call us on 13 13 15, visit one of our Perth showrooms or arrange a free measure and quote with a highly-trained consultant in your own home.

All of our blinds, shutters, curtains and awnings are made in Australia and are sold for the lowest prices in the market, guaranteed. Just bring in a quote on any competitor’s comparable item and we’ll beat it by 5%!

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