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Sliding Door Plantation Shutters

Folding plantation shutters are a stylish and efficient window treatment for the home. Traditionally used in Mediterranean countries, indoor shutters effectively regulate light and airflow to create a more comfortable living environment. Of course, indoor plantation shutters can be used for more than just windows. They’re also a great choice for sliding or French doors.

Custom made door shutters

At ABC Blinds, our plantation shutters are available in three different styles: hinged, sliding and bifold. We recommend bi-fold shutters for sliding glass doors, as they can be easily folded away to access the door or even just enjoy the view. Sliding shutters are also a great choice for this area of the home, as the operation is identical to that of a sliding door (as the name suggests). Simply slide the shutters to one side of the door or window to gain fast and easy access.

Our indoor plantation shutters are available in light and durable aluminium, or in stunning basswood timber. Basswood shutters are ideal if you prefer the warmth of natural timber, whereas aluminium is a low-maintenance, durable and modern alternative.

Why install sliding door shutters?

French door shutters or sliding door shutters provide a practical solution for this heavily trafficked access point. Once installed, they offer supreme light and privacy control, which can be adjusted by operating the shutter louvres or blades in either direction.

Sliding door shutters will also form an additional layer of insulation over the large pane or panes of glass. This will keep the house cooler in the summer months and warmer in the winter months, reducing or even eliminating the need for internal heating and cooling. As a result, many homes with indoor shutters covering the sliding doors or windows often see a reduction in their energy bills. Check out our blog for more tips on keeping your bills down.

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