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Plantation Shutters

Traditional plantation shutters originated in Mediterranean countries to improve indoor light and airflow long before the days of air conditioning. Similar to the European countries where these interior window shutters originated, Perth also has a Mediterranean climate, which is why these window treatments are perfectly suited for Western Australian homes.

The popularity of these window shutters is in part due to the timeless style, but also due to their functionality. Once installed, the window shutters allow a free flow of air into your home, while protecting your furnishings and carpets from harsh sunlight. Their insulating properties of plantation shutters also make them a good investment, as they can help to keep heat in during the winter and out during the summer. Additionally, these window treatments are incredibly low maintenance and can be easily cleaned to eliminate dust in the home.

Difference between shutters and plantation shutters

Compared to regular window shutters, plantation shutters are known for their characteristically large slat size. This not only gives them a unique look, but it also allows for great levels of light and fresh air to enter the space. We custom make shutter blade widths ranging from 60mm to 115mm.

Types of indoor window shutters

At ABC Blinds, we custom make all of our plantation shutters. Choose from hinged, sliding or bi-fold operation in your choice of premium material.

Aluminium plantation shutters

Plantation shutters made from aluminium are a popular choice in Perth homes. Aluminium is a light, yet sturdy material that is both easy to install and maintain. It’s also a material that has anti-corrosive properties, making aluminium plantation shutters ideal for rooms exposed to moisture, such as the bathroom or kitchen. You can learn more about the benefits of aluminium shutters here.

Timber plantation shutters

In addition to aluminium plantation shutters, we also sell timber plantation shutters made from hardwearing basswood. This type of wood is a lightweight and luxurious alternative to aluminium and can be stained or painted to perfectly match the décor in your home.

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