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Blinds for Your Living Room

Blinds for Your Living Room

The living room is probably one of the most used rooms in your home, so having good light control options is important. However, we know that choosing the right blinds can be challenging. We’re here to make the decision simpler for you. Here’s our helpful guide on choosing the right living room blinds for your home.

What to consider when choosing the right blinds for your living room

When choosing living room blinds, it's important to take a few things into consideration. Some things to think about are:

  • Which type of blind will give me the best control of incoming light?
  • Is my living room close to the street? How much privacy screening do I need?
  • Are motorised blinds something I'd like for my living room? Perhaps even my whole house.
  • What look am I trying to achieve in my space? Do I want something basic or something more elegant?
  • What's my budget?

Living room blind ideas

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are an affordable and versatile blind for your living room. Available in standard, blockout and sunscreen fabrics, there's an option to suit your needs.

When you lower the fabric, it will cover the entirety of your window and offer you complete privacy. Blockout fabric creates a dark room in an instant (ideal for TV watching or gaming). Whereas sunscreen fabric helps reduce the amount of incoming sunlight, helping to prevent your furniture from fading.

Something to consider with roller blinds is that when your blind is rolled up, it won't offer very much privacy. So, if your living room window does look onto the street, perhaps consider a different option or think about pairing your blinds with curtains!

Double Roller blinds

Double Roller blinds help maintain both your view as well as your privacy. These blinds have two rollers and fabric options to give you that little bit more privacy and light control than standard roller blinds can give you.

Common pairings of fabric include double blockout, or one fabric and one sunscreen.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are an affordable and practical choice for your living room. They offer a combination of light and privacy control, as well as on-screen glare protection.

With a twist of the easy-to-use wand, you have complete control over the direction of the light that enters the room. By changing the direction of the light, you can minimise glare and create the optimal environment for a daytime movie marathon.

Vision blinds

Vision blinds (sometimes referred to as Zebra blinds), are a unique option for your living room. These blinds consist of alternating semi translucent and blockout fabric panels, making them similar in functionality to both a roller blind and a Venetian blind.

Vision blinds give your living room plenty of privacy, while still allowing you to see out and let in the natural light, without anyone on the street having the ability to see in.

Roman blinds

Roman blinds are a great option for your living room. They are made up of thick fabric panels which can easily keep out light and reduce on-screen glare. These blinds are a more elegant finish to your living room and are a great product to choose.

Roman blinds come in standard fabric, or if you're after even more blackout, you can choose blockout fabric for Roman blinds.

Motorised living room blinds

Ever got comfortable on the couch, then realised you need to adjust the blinds to reduce the TV screen glare?

With motorised blinds, you no longer need to get up. Instead, control your blinds from your smartphone or smart home device!

An added benefit of motorised blinds is that they can make your home feel more secure.

Motorised blinds give you the ability to control everything from your smartphone, which means you can open and close your blinds when you're not home, giving the illusion that someone is there.

There are two types of motorisation you can choose from:

SmartHub Motorisation

SmartHub Motorisation is great if you want to motorise more blinds than just your living room blinds.

With the ability to connect to 20 sets of blinds in your home, this device allows you to control multiple blinds in one place.

The benefit of SmartHub motorisation is that you aren't restricted to one type of blind option. Instead, you can connect to many types, including outdoor blinds.

Eve MotionBlinds

Eve MotionBlinds is a smooth and elegant option for your window coverings.

This option creates a clean finish and doesn't require a central hub to connect to, to control your blinds. Instead, this type of motorisation is compatible with Apple's HomeKit technology and connects when you scan the tag which comes with your blinds.

If you're thinking of installing Eve MotionBlinds, it's important to know this is currently only an option if you're wanting to motorise roller blinds.

For more reasons to consider this option for your living room, head to our blog to learn more about the benefits of choosing motorised blinds.

Do you need blinds in your living room?

Some people ask whether blinds are needed in your living room. The answer is that it depends on your preferences.

Your living room is a place for rest, relaxation and winding down at the end of a long day. To get the most from this space, having good light control and privacy is a must.

Therefore, we recommend having some sort of window covering installed. It doesn't need to be blinds, but having something like indoor shutters, curtains, or even blinds and curtains together is important.

Alternative window coverings to blinds

If blinds aren't the right fit for your space, consider curtains or shutters, or pairing blinds and curtains together!

Pairing curtains and blinds together

If you like the functionality of blinds but prefer the look of curtains, why not pair curtains with blinds?

Layering curtains on top of your living room blinds means that you have additional privacy and light control. A common curtain option to use for layering is sheer curtains.

Curtain options for your living room

Curtains by themselves are a versatile window covering option for your living room.

Your first option is choosing sheer curtains, which are made from a translucent material and are great to give your home an extra layer of privacy and to reduce on-screen glare.

They are a simple additional touch which can make your space feel more luxurious, while also helping to soften the incoming light.

Other options to give your living room more coverage is by choosing blockout or linen curtains.

Blockout and linen curtains are made from a thick material and completely cover the window, therefore creating a blackout in your living room, perfect for binge watching your favourite shows or movies!

Vertisheer blinds

Vertisheer blinds are a unique option for your living room, as they are both a sheer curtain and a vertical blind in one product! This pairing gives you both an elegant and functional option for your living room.

With Vertisheers, you only need one track to hang them. This means you don't need both a curtain rod and blind track, giving your windows a cleaner finish.

Indoor shutters

Indoor shutters are a stylish window treatment option for your living room. Indoor shutters are used to regulate ventilation and sunlight in any room, plus they're completely flexible in colour, material, and usage.

Indoor shutters come in different styles including:

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