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The ABCs of Roman Blinds

The ABCs of Roman Blinds

For elegant blinds that offer practicality to boot, look no further than Roman blinds (also known as Roman shades). With clean lines and a unique, fold up design, this style of blind is as stylish as it is useful, making them a popular choice for all sorts of interior decors.

Roman Blinds

Features of a Roman Blind

Roman blinds are often compared to roller blinds due to their similar appearance. Both blinds feature a single roll of fabric that can be raised or lowered to control levels of light and privacy in the home. When raised, the fabric folds up neatly in the individual fabric seams, acting as a pelmet which completes the look of the window.

As these blinds are mostly made from fabric, they can be made in almost any colour or pattern you desire. Plus, not only can you choose the fabric colour, you also have the option to select one of four versatile colours for the bottom rail of your blinds.

Benefits of Roman Blinds

Easy to operate

Simply twist the easy-to-handle chain to raise the blinds at various heights and let the light stream in or block it out. For greater light control in your home, combine your Roman blinds with other window coverings (like a face-fitted block-out) or go for a light-filtering option. For more details on pairing different window treatments, check out this blog.

Optimal light and privacy control

Just like roller blinds, Roman blinds are often installed to increase privacy in the home as they don’t have slats that passers-by can look into. Once the blinds are lowered, you can enjoy complete privacy in the comfort of your own home. Roman blinds are also great for light control, as they can be adjusted to block light or let it in with ease.

Child safe

Like all of the products in our range, Roman blinds meet international child safety standards and are 100% child safe. Your order of Roman blinds comes complete with a child safety device to secure the operating mechanism and keep it away from young children and pets.

Provide insulation

With a blockout Roman blind installed, you can enjoy the benefits of additional home insulation. The thick, blackout fabric will reduce the level of heat that escapes your windows and enters it, reducing your energy bills and keeping your home at a more comfortable temperature.

Types of Perth Roman Blinds

At ABC Blinds, we sell three different styles of Roman blinds. Each style is made and manufactured right here in Perth, making them a welcome addition to any WA home.


As the name suggests, a blockout Roman blind is a type of Roman blind made with blockout or blackout fabric. This will keep out light throughout the day and help to regulate the temperature in your home. You can buy Roman blinds online here.

Natural wonders

This style of Roman blind is a new addition to our product range. This eco-friendly style is made using a combination of bamboo, reeds, jutes and grasses, creating a visually striking woven texture.


Jamaican Roman blinds have a trendy timber edging applied to each panel seam, placed at the natural fold points of the blind. This style is best suited to homes with a coastal or Hamptons-inspired theme. You read more about the difference between regular Roman blinds and Jamaican blinds here.

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