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6 Signs your blinds or curtains need replacing

6 Signs your blinds or curtains need replacing

Had your window treatments for a while? Here are six important signs they’re due for a replacement.

When's the last time you took a close look at your blinds? If you've had yours for a while, it might be time to see if they’re still up to standard.

Keep reading for six important signs that it’s time to replace your old blinds!

When should you replace blinds?

Broken slats, outdated design and poor functionality are just a few of the reasons it might be time to replace your blinds…

  1. Unsafe design

    If your window treatments don’t meet international child safety standards, this is a strong reason to give them the boot. Protect little children and pets by upgrading to products that meet these standards, like all our blinds, curtains, shutters and awnings.

  2. Discolouration (yellow stains or fading)

    White or lighter coloured window treatments are perfect for opening up a room and modernising your décor. The only downside? Over time, discolouration can appear.

    If this discolouration is particularly noticeable, consider replacing your blinds for newer models.

  3. Breakage or damage

    All window coverings will deteriorate over time; however, some will do so more quickly than others. The culprits are often moisture (e.g., if wooden blinds are installed in the bathroom or kitchen), or excessive exposure to harsh UV light (coverings installed over north or west facing windows).

    To prevent warping, peeling, cracking or any other forms of damage in the future, consider replacing damaged blinds with sturdier materials, such as aluminium or faux wood.

  4. Worn or frayed cords

    Frayed cords are another obvious sign that your blinds are due for an upgrade! It either means that general wear and tear over the years has gotten the best of the blinds, or the internal mechanisms are causing damage to the cord.

    To avoid this problem in the future, opt for styles free of cords or chains, like curtains or shutters.

  5. Difficult lifting

    If you can no longer effortlessly raise your window treatments, it’s time for an upgrade! This common problem not only means your blinds are on their way out, but they also pose a risk to your household. The last thing you want is for the blinds to fall out of their fixtures and injure someone!

    If you’re after a look similar to your old blinds but with more stability, consider a 2-in-1 headrail option, like Aero double roller blinds.

  6. Compromised functionality

    Having beautiful blinds or chic curtains is all well and good, but they also need to function as intended. If your bedroom blinds let in too much light, or your bathroom blinds don’t offer enough privacy, it’s worth considering installing some new styles.

    Here are the best blinds for your kitchen, bathroom, office, living room, nursery and bedroom.

Is it easy to replace blinds?

Absolutely! At ABC Blinds, we do it all for you. We measure, quote and install blinds, curtains, shutters and awnings across WA.

How much does it cost to replace blinds?

Replacing blinds can cost no more than $500 to cover a ‘standard’ window (1.8m x 1.8m) with affordable styles such as roller blinds, Venetian blinds and vertical blinds. You can find out how much other indoor blinds cost in our blog.

If you’re experiencing any of the above issues with your ABC Blinds, give us a call on 13 13 15 as your window treatments may still be covered under warranty. Alternatively, we may be able to have them repaired for a small fee.

If you’re looking to replace your old window treatments, visit one of our Perth showrooms to view our blinds gallery or arrange a free measure and quote with one of our highly-trained consultants in your own home. You can also view our blinds online.

Nearly all our blinds, shutters, curtains and awnings are made in Australia and are sold for the lowest prices in the market, guaranteed. Just bring in a quote on any competitor’s comparable item and we’ll beat it by 5%!

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