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How to prevent mould on your windows during winter

How to prevent mould on your windows during winter

Put down the curtain cleaner! Here’s how to get rid of mould from the curtains and blinds in your home.

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When the weather is cold, there’s a greater likelihood of household mould…

Throughout the winter months, factors such as heavy rainfall, low temperatures and indoor heating all cause condensation that can lead to indoor mould. Mould that isn’t just unsightly, it’s also harmful to your health!

To effectively tackle mould spores in your home, here’s what to do.

How to prevent mould

  • Don’t use cleaning bleach

    One of the biggest misconceptions around household mould is that it can be destroyed by bleach. However, this is simply not case. While it may appear to be effective, what’s really happening is the bleach is simply taking the colour out of the fungi, leaving you with the same problem you started with.

  • Open your windows

    Mould thrives in damp areas such as windows, where there is dust, dirt or organic material, that’s why the number one way to reduce mould is to open your windows regularly. By opening the windows at least once a day, this allows the mould spores to escape and lets patches of moisture dry out.

    Additionally, this will also help to relieve allergies!

  • Install an exhaust fan

    Ventilation is key when it comes to preventing mould in your home, as it prevents moisture from settling and providing a breeding area. Newer builds should already have adequate ventilation, however older homes may require looking at due to old exhaust fans

  • Leave exhaust fans running

    While most of us may remember to flick on the fan while we’re showering, we may not be in the habit of leaving it running afterwards. After you shower, there’s still plenty of condensation in the bathroom, so you should be leaving your exhaust fan for at least fifteen minutes after you shower.

  • Open blinds and curtains

    Making sure your window treatments are opened regularly will also prevent condensation from forming on the window. While energy efficient blinds and curtains are great for sealing in warm air, they can also cause cold pockets of air on your windows to reach dew point and form condensation. It’s this condensation that offers a breeding ground for mould spores.

    Opening blinds and curtains will also increase natural light, which helps to prevent mould on both the window treatments and your window frames.

  • Double glaze your windows

    To prevent said window condensation from forming altogether, window insulating is key. Double glazed windows may be on the pricier side, but they’re an effective way to prefect glass from becoming too cold, keeping you warm and mould at bay. It’s a win-win!

How to get rid of mould

One of the best ways to kill mould yourself (without having to call in the experts) is by using white vinegar. According to Mould Cleaning Australia, it can kill up to 82% of mould species, including black mould, on porous and non-porous surfaces, such as glass, tiles and other smooth surfaces.

Dealing with mouldy curtains or blinds

    Mouldy curtains: Rather than using a curtain cleaner, start the mould removal process by vacuuming the curtain fabric to remove mould spores. Then, try rubbing the mildew spots with a paste made from lemon juice and salt. Once the paste has been applied, give the curtains a thorough wash in the machine (following the instructions on the tag).

    Mouldy non-fabric blinds: Just like mouldy curtains, try this hack for cleaning blinds before you turn to chlorine-based bleach. Spot clean with detergent and water or some lemon juice for stubborn mould, then soak in hot water and air dry.

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