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Guide to Outdoor Awnings

Guide to Outdoor Awnings

Looking for new outdoor awnings? Find out about the different options that are available and where they’re best installed.

Outdoor awnings are an effective way to regulate the temperature both inside and outside your home.

They differ from a standard outdoor blind in that awnings generally sit on the outside of your window to regulate incoming light. They're usually angled slightly, so that you can still see out and don't block the window entirely.

Some awnings can also be attached to the side of your home and be used as more of a pop-out to provide shade when it's needed.

Benefits of outdoor awnings

Outdoor awnings have many benefits. They're a cost effective product, provide plenty of sun and heat protection inside your home, and come in a variety of colour and fabric options to suit many styles and designs.

What to consider when choosing outdoor awnings


Knowing your budget can help narrow down options for you to consider. It can also help you plan out how much you can afford to spend on each awning, if you're planning on purchasing more than one.

Coverage needed

Knowing what kind of shade covering you need is helpful as it'll tell you whether an awning is all you need, or if you'd be better off installing an outdoor blind.

If you're after ways to reduce incoming heat, an awning is a good option. Awnings are also useful as extensions to your roof, providing additional shade.

Types of outdoor awnings

Depending on your outdoor needs, there's an awning option to suit!

Auto awnings

Auto awnings

Automatic awnings are a very popular option for their ability to reflect up to 70% of the sun's heat before it reaches your window.

Not only does this make your home cooler during summer, it also means you can save money on your energy bills.

When it comes to installation, auto awnings are ideal for ground floor or balcony windows. Once installed, they can be raised and lowered to any position simply by sliding the arms on the guide rods.

Retractable awnings

Retractable awnings

Retractable awnings, also known as folding arm awnings or canopy awnings, are the perfect choice if you're wanting to extend your outdoor living area. This type of awning provides overhead shelter from the sun.

The main benefit of retractable awnings is that they're designed to retract completely against your exterior wall when they're not needed. In doing so, the awning itself is protected from wind, heavy rain and even hail, which means they'll be protected from any damage.

Find out more about retractable awnings in our blog.

Pivot arm awnings

Pivot arm awnings

Pivot arm awnings can easily be used on most windows and doors around your home, but they're especially useful for windows that open outwards, bi-fold doors, or sliding doors.

Once installed, pivot arm awnings allow plenty of space for the window or door to open without obstructing the movement of the awning itself.

One of the main reasons to install these awnings is to increase airflow in your home. Pivot arm awnings work to direct heat and sunlight away from your home's interior, meaning you can keep your windows open even on really hot days.

Learn more about pivot arm awnings on our website.

Wireguide awnings

Wireguide awnings

Wireguide awnings are a type of patio awning that are minimal and stylish in appearance, and are designed to be fully tucked away when not in use. With this feature, they'll never block your view of the outside world.

If you have a coastal home, we recommend installing these awnings as they're super practical when it comes to offering protection from the sun and being able to easily enjoy your view.

Find out more about Wireguide awnings in our blog.

Customising your awnings

Like everything else for your home, awnings come in plenty of different shapes and styles.

Don't forget to think about the valance, which is the bottom part of the awning. From straight borders to scalloped edges, these design options will add the perfect finishing touches.

Awnings are also available in a variety of colours to match your home decor.

To find the colour you like, visit one of our showrooms to look at sample fabrics, or order up to 5 free samples online.

Motorised outdoor awnings

If you have motorised blinds throughout your home, you can continue that outside with outdoor awnings.

Wireguide and retractable awnings can both be motorised using the SmartHub system. This system allows you to pair up to 20 sets of window coverings throughout your indoor and outdoor areas.

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