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Blinds Solutions for Every Type Of Window

Blinds Solutions for Every Type Of Window

Finding the right blinds to suit different types of windows can be difficult. Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to choosing your window dressings. To help, we’ve put together our top tips on the best blinds for the most common types of windows.

Types of windows

There are quite a few different types of windows which you may have in your home, and knowing what each of them are called can help you when purchasing new window treatments.

Blinds for two-panel sliding window

The standard window throughout your home is likely to be a two-panel sliding window. This is a window which has one pane of glass that doesn’t move, and one that slides open horizontally along a track to let fresh air in.

The best blinds for two-panel sliding windows are ones which slide left or right along a track, as they won’t partially block the inflow of fresh air into your house. Blinds such as Verticals, Vertisheers or Panel Blinds work well for this type of window.

Blinds for clerestory windows

Clerestory windows are a series of windows positioned higher than average, usually stretched across the top of a room to allow extra natural light without compromising privacy.

If the windows go right up to the ceiling, Curtains which you can pull across when needed are a good option. If there is extra wall space above the window, face fitted Roller Blinds also work well, leaving the windows completely clear when they are rolled up.

Blinds for bay windows

A bay window is where there is a space projecting outward from the main walls of a building, forming a ‘bay’ or a ‘nook’ in a room. Often, people use this space to build a seated area in front of the window.

As bay windows can be an awkward size, finding blinds for these windows can be difficult. We recommend going for something simple like a plain Sheer Curtain. If your bay window faces the street, Venetian Blinds are also a popular choice and can really let the window be a feature!

To give you an extra layer of privacy, Roller Shutters are a great option for the outside wall of the bay window. Not only do they protect your house from onlookers, but they can also add value to your home as they provide added security.

Blinds for french doors

French doors, sometimes referred to as ‘French-style doors’, are large, floor to ceiling double doors that unite your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Vertisheers look like a curtain but function like a blind. They are great for filtering light during the day, creating a soft and inviting space and double as a blackout blind when closed.

If you’re wanting a more premium and versatile option, Jamaican Blinds are great for French doors. Jamaican Blinds are a type of Roman Blind and are available in fabric ranging from translucent all the way to complete blockout.

Blinds for sliding doors

Sliding doors, or sliding glass doors, are the standard doors you often have in your house, separating the inside from your backyard.

One of the best blinds for sliding doors that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional is Vertical Blinds as they can be slid along a track to open with the door. They also come in a wide variety of colours to suit any space.

Blinds for bathroom windows

Bathroom windows typically are a frosted glass window that might open slightly at the top of the windowpane, providing optimal privacy.

A durable and waterproof option for bathroom windows is Aluminium Venetians blinds. These blinds are ideal for the bathroom as they let in the natural light whilst maintaining privacy.

Blinds for outdoor windows and alfresco areas

There are many different types of outdoor blinds, some of which can be installed on the outside of your windows or doors and some which are suited to patio or alfresco areas.

An alfresco area is usually built under the main roof of the house, whereas a patio is an external structure that’s attached to the house. This space is often used as an outdoor entertaining area and needs to be enclosed in the winter months to protect the space and guests from the weather.

There are a few types of outdoor blinds, one option is going for modern Café Blinds. Café blinds are a stylish and practical choice, and with no ropes or pulleys they are either motorised or operate with a crank. You can learn more in our blog post about Café blinds.

Another option is a Canvas Awning. These awnings are made from high-quality canvas providing protection from the sun in summer, and the wind and rain in winter.

For blinds on the outside of your windows, you can’t go past Pivot Arm Awnings as they are perfect for circulating airflow and reducing direct sunlight into the home. These can be used on most windows and doors around your home and are great for casement windows, windows that open outwards, as they allow plenty of space for the window. They are also a great fit for sliding doors as they allow you to access your home even whilst the awning is closed.

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