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Roller Shutters

Increase home security in an instant.

Outdoor Roller Shutters Perth

Locally designed and manufactured for Australian homes and offices, ABC Blinds’ outdoor roller shutters are a worthwhile investment. These external shutters provide excellent light and privacy control while enhancing home security, ensuring your property is comfortable and safe all year-round.

Benefits of outdoor roller shutters

Increase security

Burglaries and home invasions are an unfortunate part of life that we have to be prepared for. Outdoor roller shutters are a cost-effective and highly efficient way to give your property the extra security required. Once fully closed, our roller shutters make it very difficult for any intruder to break in via the windows.

Reduce energy bills

If you have west-facing windows in your home or office, outdoor window roller shutters will make the world of difference. To stop your windows receiving the full brunt of the sun’s heat, these roller shutters will create an insulating barrier against the glass. This barrier is incredibly effective in reducing interior heat, resulting in reduced cooling bills during the summer months. In winter, roller shutters can be rolled down to stop heat from escaping.

Total light control

Once rolled down, external shutters block out nearly all light coming in from the outside world. From streetlights at night to the harsh midday sun, you can enjoy a darkened room at any time of day. For this reason, outdoor roller shutters are a popular choice for bedrooms, particularly in homes where young children and shift workers live.

Window protection

These outdoor shutters also provide superior protection during extreme weather conditions. During the event of strong winds or hail, this additional window barrier can reduce the risk of cracking or other damage to the glass. Additionally, this barrier will minimise outside noise to help you sleep more soundly through storms.

Why choose Roller Shutters?

  • Improve home security
  • Greater light control
  • Automated operation
  • Lightweight yet durable

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Quality Outdoor Shutters

To make and manufacture our outdoor roller shutters, we’ve sourced only the highest quality components, aluminium coils and extrusions from world-leading suppliers. For additional peace of mind, all ABC Blinds external shutters have a two-year warranty to cover the shutter profile, paint finish and construction, motors, hardware and accessories. A one-year warranty is provided for the solar panels, batteries, controls and all other supporting electronics.