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5 Inexpensive Backyard Privacy Ideas

5 Inexpensive Backyard Privacy Ideas

If your backyard is in the direct eyeline of your neighbours, it might be worth looking into some of these affordable outdoor privacy ideas.

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There’s nothing quite like kicking back, relaxing and enjoying the Aussie sunshine in your backyard. Unless, of course, the neighbours have front row seats to your every movement!

If your backyard, front yard or patio area is more exposed than you’d like it to be, here are five simple, budget-friendly things you can do to create a private outdoor retreat.

5 Affordable Outdoor Privacy Screens

  1. Layer with lattice
  2. A lattice can offer a fuss-free and affordable outdoor privacy screen that won’t close off your backyard too much. They come in a range of different materials to suit your look and budget, including bamboo, aluminium, hardwood and plastic.

    Once set up, the lattice can be used as support for hanging baskets, climbing roses, vines or any other climbing greenery to create a natural green screen. You’ll get closer to nature and protect your privacy at the same time – it’s a win-win!

  3. Add outdoor blinds
  4. If you want the best of both worlds (privacy and an uninterrupted view), café or patio blinds are the way to go. These blinds act as instantaneous outdoor privacy screens, simply roll the fabric down to shield yourself from your neighbours, then, when you want to enjoy the sunlight roll them back up!

    Zipscreen outdoor blinds are another great way to shield your activities from prying eyes. Plus, the patented zip-lock technology also works to reduce heat, block UV rays and keep out unwanted insects.

    Aside from providing you with an additional layer of privacy, outdoor blinds are also an effective way to protect your outdoor furniture. To ensure your outdoor blinds are also protected from the elements throughout the year, check out these cleaning and care tips.

  5. The sky’s the limit
  6. If you have the flexibility and freedom to do so, raising your garden beds is an easy way to increase backyard privacy. You’ll be surprised at how much more secluded you’ll feel simply by adding an extra 30-60cm of height. The higher the better!

    Raised garden beds are a particularly great option for renters, as they can be taken apart and taken with you when your lease is up.

  7. Install outdoor shutters
  8. These sturdy and stylish window treatments are a recluse’s dream. With outdoor shutters installed, you can turn any outdoor area into a secluded sanctuary which can be enjoyed all year round. Simply adjust the louvers to control your level of privacy, light and airflow throughout the day or night.

    Note: Outdoor shutters are best suited to entertaining areas that already have some kind of protective barrier, such as a partially enclosed patio or deck.

  9. Plant fast-growers
  10. If you have a bigger yard (and you own the property) consider buying fastgrowing trees which can reach great heights in just a few years. This leaves you with a natural privacy barrier to shelter you from your neighbour’s view. Once the trees are purchased, all you need to do is grab a shovel, plant them in and wait for nature to take its course!

    Popular fast-growing plants for privacy include lilly pillys, pittosporum tenuifolims, clumping bamboo and viburnums – to name a few. Average prices for a decent sized plant start from approx. $30.

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