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PVC Plastic Patio & Cafe Blinds

Outdoor Blinds

ABC Blinds is a leading provider of PVC outdoor blinds for local home and business owners here in Perth and has been for over 45 years! All of our products, including PVC patio blinds, are designed with harsh weather conditions in mind, to ensure you can enjoy your outdoor blinds for years to come. We make outdoor PVC blinds for both residential and commercial purposes, allowing you or your customers to get the most out of the outdoor space.

Key benefits of PVC blinds

Year-round protection

With PVC café blinds installed, you can enjoy outdoor living and entertaining during any season. These outdoor blinds will shield anyone sitting or relaxing outdoors from the sun, wind and rain. As an added benefit, they'll also keep pesky bugs and insects at bay.

If you're a business-owner, this means happier, more comfortable customers that may be more inclined to spend extra time at your café or establishment!

Uninterrupted views

Outdoor café blinds will block out the elements, but they won't block your view. The transparent nature of the PVC means that even when rolled down, these blinds will still offer a clear view of the outside world. With plastic café blinds installed at your property, everyone can enjoy the best of outdoor living.


Just like all of our outdoor blinds, plastic café blinds are also completely customisable and can be made to meet any requirements relating to size, style, colour and location. Plus, we give you the choice of clear PVC or tinted PVC.

Clear PVC can offer the best visibility, whereas tinted café blinds offer better glare protection. We also offer a range of screen fabrics, including blockout options with varying levels of light blocking functionality (85 to 99%). These products are made from high tensile woven polyester and coated with PVC, making them perfectly suited for the outdoors.

Why choose PVC outdoor blinds?

  • Maintain your view
  • Block out the elements
  • Keep insects out
  • Entertain outdoors all year

Your guide to buying café blinds

How to install PVC café blinds?

Our expert team will take care of the entire outdoor blind-fitting process with our measure, quote and installation services.

How to clean café blinds?

To clean PVC plastic patio blinds or café blinds, you'll need access to fresh water and a soft, absorbent cloth. Hose any debris or dirt off the surface of the PVC, then use your cloth to gently dry the blind. It's important that the cloth is soft to avoid scratching the surface of the PVC. If it's a sunny or warm day, leave the blinds out to air dry for a streak-free finish.

To maintain your café blinds, always ensure that they are free of creases during the rolling up process. The easiest way to do this is by operating your blinds while they are warm. These blinds will expand and contract if exposed to warmth and can become stiff if exposed to cooler temperatures. On cooler days, simply operate your outdoor café blinds with extra care to avoid any damage.

For more cleaning and care tip, check out this blog.

Where to buy outdoor café blinds?

If you're interested in buying PVC café blinds in Perth, arrange a free measure and quote with an experienced team member or visit one of our many showrooms.

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