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Vertisheer Blinds Are Great For Sliding Doors

Vertisheer Blinds Are Great For Sliding Doors

You’d be hard pressed to find a home that doesn’t feature a set of sliding doors. They’re unparalleled when it comes to letting natural light in to your home and creating a practical walkway between indoor and out. But what kinds of blinds work best on sliding doors?

Benefits of Installing Vertisheer Blinds

Thanks to their light filtering and opaque vanes, Vertisheers offer the ultimate in light control and the benefits of a sheer fabric, with maximum privacy. The softness of a curtain crossed with the chic appearance of a sheer vertical blind, Vertisheers are as stylish as they are practical.

Why are they so good for sliding doors?

Sliding doors are a gateway for natural light to flood your home, but when they face the street they’re also a gateway for passerbys to see inside. Here’s why Vertisheers are a great option:

Light filtering qualities

The sheer fabric vanes do a perfect job of filtering natural light, so you can enjoy the energy and vibrancy of sunlight in your home.


With a simple twist of the easy-to-use cord, you can let plenty of natural light into your home, along with clear views outside. Rotate closed and you have the block-out vanes to provide you with maximum privacy.


If your sliding doors lead to a backyard or patio, the blinds can be bunched or pulled back lots of different ways to allow for easy access between indoors and out.

Low maintenance

One of the best things about Vertisheers is how low maintenance they are. A brush every now and then is all you need keep them clean.


Vertisheers are available in a wide range of stylish, on-trend shades as well as neutral options like silver, grey, black, white and cream, easily complimenting the décor of any room in your home.

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