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Curtains vs Blinds - Which Are Best?

Curtains vs Blinds - Which Are Best?

Decorating your space at home can feel like a thousand little decisions are required, some more important than others. The bigger decisions, like what window treatments to select, often defines the rest of the details in the room. Blinds vs curtains? Let’s see what takes home decorating gold!

The right window treatment is an important weapon in your design arsenal. It frames your view, improves privacy, filters in light, and assists in cutting energy costs. Most importantly, the consistent and appealing indoor aesthetic you’ve worked hard to achieve won’t be as effective if the lighting isn’t spot on. Selecting whether curtains or blinds are right for your space is a crucial part of the interior design process. So, whether you’re tossing up between the contemporary versatility of vertisheer blinds or the classic feeling of linen curtains, let’s jump in and compare two distinct window treatment styles to see what works for you.

Blinds or Curtains in the Living Room?

Blinds are the economical choice, affording precise control over the amount of light in the room and much easier to clean and maintain than curtains. On the other hand, curtains are more expressive in design than blinds – helping create and define your living room space. Curtains are also more energy-efficient whilst permitting more creativity with a range of fabrics to add a traditional touch of décor to the room.

Blinds or Curtains in the bedroom?

With all the demands of our modern lifestyle, the human need for high-quality sleep is a priority. Making the bedroom one of the most vital spaces to recharge and reset after a long day. Developing and maintaining all-important positive sleeping habits has a lot to do with the type of light filtering into the bedroom in the morning. Picking the right window treatment is a crucial, yet often overlooked step in the decorating process. This poses the question, are blinds or curtains right for your bedroom?

Bedroom blinds are growing in popularity around Australia as they help create a feeling of space in smaller rooms. A handy trick is to mount timber venetians or roman blinds a few inches above your window. This way you can add depth and height to the space whilst tricking the eye into thinking the ceiling is taller, the window is larger, and the light is brighter.

Curtains remain an ever-popular choice as the warmth and comfort of their soft material adds calm to your bedroom space. Plus, if you prefer a very dark space when it’s time for you to sleep (or you love a weekend sleep in), blockout curtains are your ticket to long and high-quality rest.

Do I need both Blinds and Curtains?

Blinds and curtains can play a complementary role in any home with a little bit of thought. For example, curtains are well placed in a bedroom to block out light, plus serve as an insulator for both temperature and sound. Blinds, like timber-look venetians, on the other hand, are perfectly suited to areas like the kitchen or bathroom due to their resistance to steam and splashes.

Pairing them together in the same space can also be a unique way to decorate your space. Combining blinds and curtains allows you even more flexibility for styling, light control and privacy. Plus, don’t feel like you have to match your curtains to your blinds! Experimenting with colours, textures and styles until you find a look that suits your preference and space is what the joys of decorating are all about!

Are Curtains or Blinds more Fashionable?

This one is entirely subjective. Curtains have always been the more relaxed of the two, offering a comforting, free-flowing look with a vast variety of options to reflect your style. Blinds on the other hand are more modern, low-profile and functional. Offering complete control over light and privacy in a sleek, contemporary package.

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