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Ask ABC: Should all blinds in your house match?

Ask ABC: Should all blinds in your house match?

Curious to hear an expert’s advice on whether or not all the blinds in your house should match? Keep reading!

When it comes to fitting out a home with new window treatments, we often get asked questions such as, ‘should all blinds in your house match?’ and ‘should all blinds be the same?’. To keep it short, the answer is no, absolutely not! There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to styling your own home. That being said, however, you can never underestimate the appeal of cohesion! Here’s what to consider when coordinating blinds in the home.

The function of the window

Before choosing any type of window blind or curtain, it’s worth considering what the room is used for and how the windows need to function. For example, bedroom windows need light blocking window treatments, like roller blinds, Roman blinds or curtains, whereas bathroom windows require ones that offer privacy, like shutters or venetian blinds.

The layout of your home

Whether or not you should mix and match window treatments also comes down to the layout of your home. If your home is open plan, the preferred choice is to use the same style of blinds, curtains or shutters throughout the open area. This gives the space a unified and contemporary look, plus, it makes it easier to measure and fit the window treatments! Roller blinds, vertical blinds or vertisheer blinds are all popular choices for open plan living, as they provide optimal levels of light and privacy.

For other areas of the home, it’s fine to have different styles of blinds or curtains.

Your wall colour

Wondering if your blinds should match your wall colour? They certainly don’t have to, but it can make a striking statement! Alternatively, you can also go a few shades lighter than your wall colour for a more open, airy look.

Choice of colour, fabric or material

When it comes to coordinating blinds in the home, there are other ways to do this than just picking the same style of blind for each window in your home. When moving from room to room, make considered, cohesive choices when it comes to colour, fabric and material. For example, if you have white blockout roller blinds in the bedroom, you could carry this look throughout other rooms in the home with white aluminium shutters in the bathroom.

Curb appeal and resale value

A home with matching window treatments tends to look more uniform and appealing from the street (curb appeal). This is why plantation shuttters are a popular choice for street-facing windows. Plus, by matching your blinds, curtains or shutters rather than choosing different styles of blinds, this can also be appealing to potential buyers of your home.

Pairing curtains and blinds

Of course, you don’t always have to choose between curtains or blinds. By pairing two different products together, you can enjoy the best of both worlds!

If you’re interested in pairing curtains and blinds together, here are some quick tips on how to mix and match window treatments.

1. Choose the blind first

When pairing curtains and blinds together, it’s best to decide on the type of blind you want for the space first. As mentioned earlier, different rooms require different window treatments, so consider how you require the blind to function.

2. Settle on a style

Once you’ve decided on a style for your blind and curtain, then it’s time to make some design choices. If you’re interested in prints, pairing curtains and blinds together looks best when a solid colour is chosen for one and a print is chosen for the other. Combining prints on both products can overpower a room, especially if the space is small.

3. Play with perception

One of the key benefits of pairing curtains and blinds together is the ability to change the size of the window (well, at least the perception of it). Make a standard window look larger than it really is by installing blinds slightly below the ceiling, with the curtain rod at the same level as the blinds but extended beyond the window. Just discuss this with our team during your free measure and quote and we’ll work something out for your window.

4. Don’t be afraid to accessorise

Rather than adding unnecessary bulk, window accessories can actually help to bring your blind and curtain combination together. Curtain tiebacks can help to create a lovely draped effect, while pelmets can add a neat and stylish finish above the window. When it comes to hardware, we recommend curtain rods with a matte finish.

Want more tips on matching your blinds or pairing curtains and blinds together? Give us a call us on 13 13 15, visit one of our or arrange a free measure and quote with a highly-trained consultant in your own home.

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