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Spotlight On: Pivot Arm Awnings

With these awnings installed, you’ll be protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays while you enjoy some fresh air.

Spotlight On: Pivot Arm Awnings

When it comes to protecting your home from the elements, there’s a lot to love about Pivot Arm Awnings. Here’s everything you need to know.

What are they?

Our Pivot Arm Awnings are a specific style of awnings that attach to a building’s exterior. The design consists of a heavy-duty spring, which provides excellent fabric tension even with awning widths up to 5m. An additional sliding arm set allows the awnings to operate as both a window shade and a wall shade. In the downward position, the awnings operate like a normal pivot arm, but in the raised position it allows for a decent head clearance over doorways and creates a canopy. This makes them the ideal product for narrow walkways, small balconies and alongside a house.

Shield the sun

One of the main benefits of these window awnings is that they can offer protection from direct sunlight and harmful UV light. Not only will this protect your skin any time you’re sitting on your balcony or by your window, but these awnings will also prevent your furniture from fading.

Keep heat at bay

With these awnings protecting your windows, you will also be able to keep the temperature down during hot summer days. The protective layer of the awning will prevent intense heat from hitting your windows and transferring through the glass, which can make all the difference on a 30+ degree day!

Circulate air

Pivot Arm Awnings are also great for circulating airflow. This style of awning is a heavy-duty contemporary design, ideally suited to larger windows or doors where the awning needs to project away from the building to allow access. This means you can open windows and doors while your awnings are in use.

Easy to customise

We understand that no two windows or doors are alike, which is why we offer the option to customise your window awnings. Whether you want to cover a huge sliding door or a small balcony, we can make your Pivot Arm Awnings to order to fit perfectly! As an added benefit, you can also customise your awnings with an easy-to-use, crank handle or there is also the option to motorise your awnings.

Here at ABC Blinds, we have the largest range of custom window awnings available. Our awnings are also made here in Australia, meaning faster delivery and installation times for customers like you. So, if you’re interested in < aref="">Pivot Arm Awnings, we’d love to hear from you! Give us a call or pop into one of our showrooms to check out what’s on offer.

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