Renting? Here’s Why You Need Modern Vertical Blinds

Drab rental properties tend to go hand-in-hand with off-white walls, scummy bathrooms and dirty, old curtains or miserable vertical blinds. You might not own the beautiful, sophisticated house of your dreams just yet, but renting in the meantime doesn’t mean you should resign yourself to living somewhere depressing and boring!

Renting? Here’s Why You Need Modern Vertical Blinds

Banish Boring Blinds

It’s no secret that vertical blinds get a bad rap. Those ugly, broken verticals that hang limply in what seems like every.single.rental have a way of making any room feel like a dingy motel. Modern verticals, however, are far from the eyesores we’re used to, boasting style, practicality and safety features aplenty. Here’s how modern vertical blinds can be the ideal way to brighten up a room and add a bit of personal style:

1. The Perfect Compromise

With a very-affordable price tag, modern vertical blinds can be a great compromise between tenants and landlords for a big improvement at a small cost. If your landlord won’t budge, get permission to upgrade the hideous, old verticals with a fresh, modern style yourself (what landlord could argue with that?). Go for a chic, contemporary style in a fresh colour and you’ll be amazed at how new vertical blinds can lift the space and improve the look of an entire room, on a budget.

2. Low Maintenance

Let’s face it, no one wants a high-maintenance rental, and that includes the blinds and curtains! Unlike other types of window dressings, vertical blinds are super easy to operate and a pinch to keep clean, making them a fab choice for renters or landlords. Keep them dust-free with a quick wipe every so often, or use a vacuum with a brush attachment. Easy.

3. Child Safe

Choosing child-friendly blinds significantly reduces the risk of serious, or fatal, accidents. Modern vertical blinds are one of the safest products on the market, eliminating the need for dangerous cords, ropes and chains altogether. Whether you’re a renter or a landlord, replacing the old verticals with a modern version provides the precious peace of mind that comes from knowing your rental is as safe as possible for little ones, without compromising on practicality, quality and style.

And if you really can’t replace the old verticals blinds? There is a solution! First, pull them all the way to the sides. Next, grab some gorgeous ready-to-hang curtains and a curtain rod, hang them up (use the existing railing if you can) and wa-la! Ugly verticals dealt with. Add a sheer layer to make the most of the natural light, or pin black-out sheets to the back for some extra privacy.

If you’re interested in installing modern vertical blinds, we’d love to hear from you! Browse our product range, visit one of our showrooms or give us a call today.

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