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Wire Guide Blinds

Outdoor protection and shade all year round.
Perth Wire Guide Blinds

Year-round weather protection

Wire guide blinds, also known as wire guide awnings, are a style of outdoor window treatments that offer protection from the elements. Whether it’s a hot summer day or a chilly winter evening, these outdoor blinds can block out wind, rain, heat and damaging UV light.

ABC’s wire guide patio blinds feature a sleek, modern and unobtrusive appearance, perfect for the modern home. These blinds are suitable for all areas without channels, as fixing points can be secured to the ground rather than directly onto walls.

The ‘wire’ in the name refers to the 2.5mm 316 grade marine stainless-steel cables that guide the blind up and down, creating perfectly controlled movement. Additional steel fittings suspend and secure the blind to minimise fabric movement and ensure resilience in the event of strong weather. All of these features combined make these durable external blinds ideal for coastal properties.

Plus, as an additional design benefit, these outdoor blinds can be fully retracted when not in use to offer clear, unobstructed views of the outside world.

Why choose wire guide blinds?

  • Minimimal fabric movement
  • Sleek modern design
  • Year-round weather protection
  • Fully retractable

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Wire guide

Available with SmartHome Automation

Interested in wire guide blinds? These outdoor blinds are available with ABC’s intelligent home motorisation system: SmartHome. This innovative device connects to your home WiFi, allowing you complete control of your window treatments using just your voice or your smartphone.

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