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The Best Blinds for Cafes

The Best Blinds for Cafes

When it comes to choosing blinds for your café, restaurant or business, it pays to think about the main practical requirements of the blinds in the space, and consider the different functions and uses of each style. Will the blinds be used to set the ambiance, or purely to block the sun? Are they for an indoor or outdoor space? How low maintenance should the blinds be?<br /> Here are our top blinds picks for the main areas of a café:

Benefits of cafe blinds

Indoor area

Rollers are a popular choice due to their combined affordability and practicality. They do an excellent job of blocking the heat for customers and double roller blinds can offer varying degrees of light filtration and insulation, to help set the vibe as well as maintain the indoor temperatures. Low maintenance and stylish, rollers will suit almost any café indoor space.

The more premium option, shutters can bestow the indoor of a café with a sleek, modern look and feel with impressive light filtering ability. They’re easy to maintain but not recommended near heavy traffic areas so to the risk of damage.

Kitchen area

Kitchens have a lot of wet areas, so blinds in this space need to be practical and affordable. Rollers are water resistant, easy-to-clean and super low maintenance, making them a simple and functional choice for the kitchen.

If your kitchen is a feature of your café space or can easily be seen by customers, it’s worth thinking about aluminium shutters for a bit of extra wow factor. Low- maintenance and lightweight, aluminium shutters are a little more expensive but a worthy investment.

Outdoor area

Café blinds are a fab solution for outdoor areas that are subject to wind, sun and rain, allowing you to use the space at any time of the year. Available in PVC, sunscreens or acrylics/canvas fabrics, there’s a Café blind option to suit any space.

Outdoor shutters can help transform you outdoor space into a secluded sanctuary for customers. Durable, low-maintenance and available in lots of different styles, outdoor shutters are perfect for the warmer days.

Looking for the perfect café blinds? Give us a call or visit one of our showrooms to check out Perth’s largest range of indoor and outdoor blinds on offer.

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