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Spotlight on: Earthy tones and natural interior design

Spotlight on: Earthy tones and natural interior design

In need of some new season home inspo? The natural, earthy approach might be just what your home needs.

Looking for some interior and exterior design inspiration? One of the biggest trends of late is incorporating natural interior design elements, including an earthy colour palette, into the home. Popular earthy tones in this colour set range from shades of ochre to turmeric, drawing inspiration from nature to create calmer, cosier spaces.

Keep reading for styling tips and suggestions to help bring the natural look and earthy tones into your home.

Get the look: Natural interior design

Warm neutrals

If cool neutrals aren’t your cup of tea, you’re in luck! Warm neutrals like beiges and other colours with undertones of pink, orange or red are dominating interiors and exteriors this year! Meanwhile, cool neutrals with blue undertones are on the way out.

Earthy accent colours

To bring the natural look to your home’s interior or exterior on a budget, it’s best to start with accent colours from the earthy colour palette. These can be easily added to your home in the form of throw rugs, cushions, wall prints, curtains, furniture, paint and even pot plants! Your options are endless.

Look to muted shades of yellow, burnt oranges, rich reds and warm browns, which can all be incorporated into an existing colour scheme consisting of warm neutrals.

Suitable spaces

Rather than applying earthy tones everywhere in your home, interior designers recommend living rooms, bedrooms and outdoor areas as suitable spaces. These are all areas where relaxation takes place (ideally!), so they’re a great match for the calming atmosphere that earthy tones can create.

Non man-made materials

If you’re going for the natural interior design look, it probably goes without saying that synthetic materials are out. Instead, look towards natural materials like timber, rattan, linen or cotton, to name a few. Look to these materials for your soft furnishings, furniture and even window treatments.

Aside from being stylish and eco-friendly, window blinds and curtains made from natural materials can even help to relieve allergies in the home.

Top natural window treatments

Natural Wonders Blinds

Natural Wonders Blinds are a welcome eco-friendly alternative to synthetic materials like PVC. Similar to other woven wood blinds, the Natural Wonders weave is made using a combination of bamboo, reeds, jutes and grasses.

Often compared to Roman blinds, these stylish blinds feature a sleek, fold-up design that’s ideal for increasing privacy in your home, in addition to creating a warm and inviting space. For more reasons why we love these woven wood blinds, check out this blog.

Linen Curtains

Pure linen is often overlooked for more common curtain fabrics like polyester, but it’s worth considering if you’re on the hunt for new curtains. Not only is it an absorbent and durable fabric, linen also has heat-regulating properties that help keep rooms cool during hot Perth summers.

Linen curtains allow light to filter softly through the fabric, brightening any room without flooding it with too much light. Depending on the room where your new linen curtains will be placed, we can line them to protect the fabric and give you complete light and privacy control.

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