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Spotlight on: Alpha M Outdoor Blinds - The outdoor blinds that won’t blow away

Spotlight on: Alpha M Outdoor Blinds - The outdoor blinds that won’t blow away

Introducing: Alpha M Outdoor Blinds. These magnetic blinds are a first for Australia, with innovative features that make them much more durable than your average outdoor blind. Keep reading to find out why Alpha M Outdoor Blinds would make a great addition to your backyard.

Ah, Perth. In our isolated city, entertaining and relaxing outdoors is something we do best. How could we not, with the abundant levels of sunshine we receive day in and day out! But of course, in addition to being #blessed with all this sun, we also have to put up with some of the strongest winds. That’s why we’ve introduced a new style of wind-resistant outdoor blinds to our product range.

What are Alpha M Blinds?

As Australia's first magnetic retention system, Alpha M Outdoor Blinds are an exciting new product in the Australian blinds market. These alfresco blinds have been designed and developed to withstand diverse weather conditions, particularly windy weather. Unlike patio blinds or other outdoor awnings which are prone to damage or excessive movement when the wind picks up, Alpha M can offer strength and durability.

Features of Alpha M Blinds

If we listed all the features of these alfresco blinds, you’d be stuck reading all day! Instead, we’ve narrowed it down to some of the most innovative features.

Ultra-wide limitations

With widths up to 6.5 metres and drops up to 4 metres, this blind is designed to cover even the largest exterior windows.

Neodymium magnets

With rare magnets placed in both the side channel and the screen guide, this creates a powerful pull force that keeps fabric of these magnetic blinds taut at all times.

Motorised control

Enjoy effortless remote control with Alpha M’s fully motorised system.

Ultra-strong pulling force

These outdoor blinds can withstand a whopping 120kg of tension per side on a 2.8m drop and 200kg of tension per side on a 4.0m drop.

Self-correcting functionality

This feature is a first in Australia! If the fabric becomes dislodged, it has the ability to effortlessly return into the channel.

Fibreglass sunscreen fabric

Alpha M fabric has been engineered with a fibreglass core. This provides exceptional tear resistance and higher strength compared to polyester fabric, which is often used with other outdoor awnings and patio blinds.

Why buy Alpha M?

Designed for strong winds

With most outdoor blinds and awnings, windy weather can lead to noisy blinds and fabric blowouts. Not Alpha M! This blind has the smarts to self-correct any fabric blow outs, maintaining a sleek and streamlined appearance.

Create a comfortable exterior

Once these alfresco blinds are installed, you’ll never say “let’s take this party inside” again! Whether you’re relaxing outside with a cuppa and a book, or you’ve got friends around, Alpha M can help to create the perfect area for outdoor entertaining. With the blinds rolled down, enjoy protection from the wind and harsh UV light. Or, roll them up to enjoy the warmth of the sun.

Energy efficient

It’s a known fact that outdoor blinds and awnings can have a significant impact on your home’s energy bills and making your home more energy efficient. That is, they can reduce cooling costs! Up to 87% of a home’s heat gain in summer is through the windows, which can be reduced with the installation of Alpha M outdoor blinds. Once installed, the blinds will prevent heat from entering your home, bringing you long term savings and helping you feel comfortable all year round!

Interested in installing Alpha M outdoor blinds in your outdoor area? Give us a call us on 13 13 15, visit one of our Perth showrooms or arrange a free measure and quote with a highly-trained consultant in your own home.

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