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Alpha M Outdoor Blinds

Australias First Magnetic Retention System

Australia's first magnetic retention system, the next evolution in outdoor blinds

Alpha M Outdoor

Alpha M is the next evolution in outdoor blinds, developed for diverse weather conditions and adapted locally for Australia's harsh climate. Pairs of Neodymium Magnets, in both the side channel and the screen guide, provide powerful pull force on either side keeping fabrics taut within the channel. Fabric snaps into position as the awning is lowered, raised or moved with push force keeping the awning looking beautifully smooth, flat and taut.

The free floating side channels gives the fabric the ability to breathe in and relax out during windy weather and still return to full tension. Neodymium Magnets within the side channels provides a powerful pull force.

Alpha M has the smarts to self-correct fabric blow outs back into position. Simply raise the awning above where the skin has come out and lower the awning completely. The powerful magnets effortlessly return the Stance Fibreglass Sunscreen fabric into the channel and pulls it tight eliminating the appearance of creases or folds.

The patented technology is hidden within the side channels allowing Alpha M to outperform standard zip systems.

Why choose Alpha M Outdoor Blinds?

  • Advanced technology using neodymium magnets
  • A heavy-duty keder system interlocks the fabric within side guides.
  • Clever self correction on fabric blow outs
  • Heavy duty bottom rail
  • Effortless control fully motorised
  • Fiberglass sunscreen fabrics

Fibreglass Sunscreen Fabric

Engineered with a fibreglass core for exceptional tear resistance and higher tensile strength compared to polyester fabric. Fibreglass can withstand extreme temperature variations for Australia's climate from seaside to outback, with reliable shape and size performance. Colour vibrancy has been tested for Australian conditions with superior fade resistant qualities whilst still blocking out high levels of solar heat and harmful UV rays.

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Alpha M Outdoor Blinds Headbox
Alpha M Outdoor Blinds Side Channel

Watch Alpha M Outdoor Blinds do the work

The wind speed is estimated around 60 to 70km per hour. The fabric track system floats within the side channel allowing the fabric to move whilst under wind pressure with superior fabric retention to ensure smooth flat fabric finish. The Alpha M overcomes outdoor blinds performance challenges such as sagging skins, blowouts and jamming.

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