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Best Outdoor Blinds for Wind: Windmaster vs. Alpha M

Best Outdoor Blinds for Wind: Windmaster vs. Alpha M

Here in sunny Perth, we’re famous for a few things. For starters, we’re one of the most isolated cities in the world, we love taking selfies with smiling quokkas, and unfortunately we are also known for getting blasted by the wind all year round! That’s why we’ve got not just one, but two styles of wind-resistant outdoor blinds in our product range! Keep reading for a quick guide to the best outdoor blinds for wind prone areas, covering everything from how they function to how much they’ll cost.

Your guide to wind-resistant outdoor blinds

There are two outdoor blinds we recommend to people specifically looking for wind resistant blinds. These are Windmaster and Alpha M blinds.

Each blind option has its own benefits, depending on your needs. So, if you can’t decide between Alpha M and Windmaster outdoor blinds, this short guide should be able to help!

Types of wind resistant blinds

What are Alpha M blinds?

These sturdy outdoor roller blinds are one of the best outdoor blinds, offering protection from the wind as well as the sun.

In fact, these blinds are as durable as they come, as they use neodymium magnets allowing the fabric to withstand a whopping 120kg of tension per side on a 2.8m drop, and up to 200kg of tension per side on a 4m drop.

What are Windmaster outdoor blinds?

Windmaster blinds are a modern, wind-resistant style of blind designed right here in WA.

As the only windproof blind created specifically for local weather conditions, these blinds are a popular choice for Perth homes.

Key differences between Windmaster and Alpha M blinds

While both outdoor blinds are designed to withstand windy weather, there are a few key differences in the design, function, and price range of each product. Here’s a quick overview:

  • For large windows: Alpha M blinds
  • For affordability: Windmaster blinds
  • For durability: Alpha M blinds
  • For Perth conditions: Windmaster blinds
  • For the latest features: Alpha M blinds

The benefits of Windmaster and Alpha M blinds

Windmaster blinds

  1. Reduce heat
  2. Minimal fabric movement when there are strong winds
  3. Keep insects out of your outdoor space
  4. Help secure your outdoor area
  5. Can create an outdoor room as they are ground to roof blinds
  6. Can be motorised

Alpha M

    Made from a fibreglass sunscreen fabric, which helps to reduce the impact of incoming UV rays
  1. Heavy duty bottom rail to restrict movement during strong winds
  2. Self-correction on fabric blowouts
  3. Made from advanced technology and special magnets designed to keep the blinds in place

The design

Alpha M

The style of Alpha M blinds has been engineered with a fibreglass core to provide exceptional tear resistance. Most outdoor blinds and awnings are made with a basic polyester fabric, which gives Alpha M an advantage.

Windmaster blinds

These blinds are made using Eco fabric, which is a square hole weave that’s highly effective in reducing heat.

Thanks to the seamless, zip-free design of these blinds, the tight and tensioned nature of the fabric also reduces the likelihood of insects entering your alfresco areas, which is particularly useful during Aussie summers.

The function of each outdoor blind

Both Alpha M and Windmaster blinds function like a roller blind, which means they are great for blocking wind, heat, and excess light.

However, Alpha M outdoor shade blinds have one extra advantage that Windmaster blinds don’t have: the ability to self-correct!

Should the fabric of the blind become dislodged due to the weather conditions, it will simply return into the channel. Not only is this incredibly convenient, it’s also a first for Australian outdoor products!

Motorised outdoor blinds

When it comes to everyday operation, both styles can be motorised via ABC’s Smart Home Hub so that you can enjoy effortless remote control. Aside from convenience, a great benefit of installing motorised outdoor blinds is reduced energy bills throughout the year. How good is that?

The Price

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. So, don’t be alarmed by the higher prices of these durable outdoor blinds compared to cheaper styles on the market – the investment is worth it.

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