The Story of ABC Blinds WA

When the Brice brothers, Ernie, Eric and Albert, immigrated to Perth in 1969 and set up shop as registered builders, they swiftly noticed a gap in the market. When it came to window dressings, curtains were obviously popular (and given the trends of the 60s in Australia, they were also hard to miss!). But blinds? Nowhere to be seen.

The Story of ABC Blinds WA

A year later, Ernie and Eric Brice formed ‘Kresta Blinds’, introducing the exciting concept of vertical blinds to Australia. With a commitment to using the best materials and componentry and providing the latest products, it didn’t take long for Australians to get on board. Business boomed and Kresta soon became one of the largest blind retailers in the country, cementing its place as an iconic Australian household name.

Two decades on, after going public on the stock exchange and selling their Kresta shares, the entrepreneurial brothers started up another retail blinds company, calling it ‘Vista Blinds’, and over the next twelve years, Vista successfully operated in four Australian states.

In 1999, Ernie and Eric re-acquired Kresta Blinds, and Vista became part of the Kresta Group. Three years later, the duo felt ready to retire and sold their Kresta shares. But retirement, it seemed, wasn’t quite ready for them yet...

ABC Blinds WA was born

In 2002, Ernie and Eric seized an opportunity to build yet another company, this time calling it ‘ABC Blinds WA’. Never faltering on their commitment to quality and service, it took just one year for ABC Blinds WA to establish itself as a leading Australian blinds retailer, with a unique focus on sourcing and offering the most innovative, world-class products to the Australian public and overseas market.

Back then, Ernie and Eric employed over 80 staff in ABC Blinds WA’s retail, wholesale and manufacturing operation, and they weren’t slowing down!

ABC Blinds Today

Exciting things continue to happen in the world of blinds. ABC Blinds’ commitment to sourcing innovative products, such as Vertisheer Blinds, and remaining ahead of the game with the latest in child safety features and automated operation, means they can continue to offer the very best in blinds, awnings and window coverings to the Australian public and beyond.

Today, ABC Blinds WA employs over 160 local West Aussies, and continues manufacturing in WA, operating out of five stunning Perth showrooms.

As ABC Blinds continues to grow and thrive, one thing remains exactly the same. Our dedication to the vision of the Brice brothers back in 1970; to offer outstanding products and service, and continuously reinvent the window furnishing industry in Australia.

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