The benefits of made to order blinds

When you're in the market for new blinds, you'll probably question whether to go for 'off the shelf' blinds or get them custom made. What’s the difference? Are they worth the extra money? While the former may be a more affordable option, there are many benefits to buying made to order blinds - here are some of them:

The benefits of made to order blinds

Better fit = Better look

Just like clothing, 'off the shelf' blinds generally come in standard sizes. The issue with that, however, is that just like humans, there are no 'standard' window sizes! Buying off the shelf means there will almost certainly be some extra work involved to get those blinds to fit perfectly. Made to order blinds, on the other hand, are fully tailored to suit your specific windows, so you can be rest assured they will fit like a glove and look amazing.

Customised to your own style

The sky's the limit when it comes to the range of fabrics and colours you can select with made to order blinds. Browse our showroom to touch all the options up close, and then you can pick exactly what you want, in the exact colour, with the exact fabric - no compromises! You can customise each blind to perfectly match or complement the look and feel of any space in your home.

Get an expert's opinion

When you visit a showroom, one of our expert consultants will chat to you about the factors that can determine which product will suit you best. They'll ask whether you're in a rental property or in your own home, if there are any particular issues (like heat or privacy) that you want to resolve, and whether you're wanting to prioritise any rooms with a custom option or mix and match with different styles.

Let us do the hard work for you

When you request a free measure and quote at home, a trained ABC consultant will visit to assess your space and give you the right advice. They can give you a price point to work with and show you how the blinds will look and function in your home. Their experience and knowledge will help you make the right decision, especially when it comes to made to order blinds.

Wondering whether to choose off the shelf or made to order blinds? Come and chat to one of our knowledgeable consultants. Give us a call or request a free measure and quote today.

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