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Your Guide to Recycling Blinds in Perth

Your Guide to Recycling Blinds in Perth

Not sure how to get rid of your old blinds? Before you bin them, read this guide and give them a new lease on life!

Tips for recycling blinds

In recent times, a common question we get asked is “can you recycle blinds?”. The answer is yes! You certainly can, depending on the material your blinds, shutters or curtains are made from.

What blinds can be recycled?

Always check what material your blinds are made out before discarding them, as the material determines whether or not they can be recycled. Unfortunately, unless your blinds are made of pure metal, pure plastic or pure untreated timber, they aren’t recyclable.

If you’re looking for a new product that can be recycled in the future, our aluminium blinds and aluminium shutters are ideal, as aluminium is widely accepted material at Perth recycling facilities. Our bamboo blinds are also suitable for eco-friendly homes, as the bamboo biodegrades easily once thrown away.

Where can I recycle blinds?

The Recycling Centre Balcatta (RCB) is a great place to drop off your unwanted 100% aluminium or timber blinds or shutters for recycling. Just remember to detach the slats beforehand, as most centres won’t accept cords or rails. The Wangara Greens Recycling Facility also offers a bulk junk collection service on weekends for metal items only.

If you can’t recycle:

If your blinds are unable to be recycled, there are still some other options instead of simply binning them.

  1. Resell: Even if you think your blinds have seen better days, students, keen DIY-ers or those on a tight budget would definitely appreciate a cheap set of secondhand blinds. As they say, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure!
  2. Upcycle: Got old curtains lying around? Have a browse through Pinterest before chucking them out, as they could easily be used for a unique craft project.
  3. Donate: If the blinds are still in a functional condition, considering donating them to local shelters, women’s refuges, schools, op shops, or churches, to name a few.
  4. Want to learn more about our range of recyclable blinds? Give us a call us on 13 13 15, visit one of our showrooms or arrange a free measure and quote with one of our highly-trained consultants in your own home.

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