The ABCs of Vertical Blinds

Taking the cake when it comes to versatility and practicality, it's difficult to go wrong with vertical blinds for your home or office space. There's a reason (more than one, actually) these blinds are so popular!

ABC's of Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blind Benefits

Practicality and use: With sleek blades that can be tilted to the left or right, verticals are simple and effortless to use. They can also be easily stacked to one side - perfect for sliding doors.

Height: Much like you might wear vertical stripes to make yourself appear taller, vertical blinds work in the same way to provide the illusion of height in a space.

Complete light and privacy control: Thanks to their simple, practical design, vertical blinds can be easily adjusted to provide privacy or shade when needed.

Vertical Blind Function

Wand operation: Verticals tend to be operated by a wand that is rotated to open and close the blind.

Modern weight technology: The weights at the bottom of the blind are usually sewn in or chainless weights that sit in the pocket at the bottom (though chains are still available if you want them!). These changes from the 'old style' vertical blind give them an updated, modern look.

Matching roller blinds: Every fabric available for vertical blinds is also available as a roller blind, so you can easily match the blind styles in your home.

Affordability: With such practicality, versatility and style options, vertical blinds are an economical choice.

Fabric choices: When it comes to choosing the fabric for your verticals, think about where they'll be positioned in your home and how you'll be using them. Verticals are available in complete blockout fabrics, a range of on-trend patterns, various textures and light-filtering (translucent) materials.

Popular uses: A longstanding favourite in Aussie homes, verticals make a perfect choice for master bedrooms and living rooms thanks to their effortless versatility and style. Vertical blinds are also a popular choice for office spaces, with their clean lines and sleek, simple aesthetic.

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