Roman Blinds vs Jamaican Blinds: What’s the Difference?

So you’re in the market for blinds with simple, yet sophisticated style; maybe ones that fold up and down nice and neatly. Sounds easy enough, but delve a little deeper into the options available and you’ll soon realise things can get tricky!

Roman Blinds vs Jamaican Blinds: What’s the Difference?

If you’ve tried to spot the difference between Roman blinds and Jamaican blinds, you wouldn’t be alone. The two styles are almost the same, but not quite! So, what’s the difference?

Same Same But Different

Both Romans and Jamaicans pull up in neat folds as they are raised, making them ideal for controlling the natural light and heat that enters your space, as well as the level of privacy. The main difference between Romans and Jamaican blinds is all in the detail.

Look closely at the seam, or trim, on the panels of the blinds. Jamaican Blinds have a stylish timber edging applied to each panel seam placed at the natural fold points of the blind. Roman Blinds, on the other hand, simply have a neat seam between each panel. If you go for Jamaican Blinds, you can choose the timber trimming from a variety of colours to blend or contrast with your fabric selection.

Stylish Simplicity

Whether you’re all about a modern, contemporary vibe in your home or you’re after a more traditional look and feel, both Romans and Jamaicans pack a seriously stylish punch.

With their modest good looks and effortless style, both options come in a huge range of fabric finishes and styles to bring an air of refined luxury to your space. Their unique, fold-up design make for clean, soft lines and chic simplicity, that look just as stunning folded up as they do fully down. Once installed, both Roman Blinds and Jamaican blinds create a pelmet effect that beautifully frames and dresses the window.

Practical Light and Heat Control

Both styles are easily raised and lowered to any position you like, so you can control the amount of natural light and heat that enters your home. Raise the blinds all the way up to make the most of the sunshine and views outside, have them half-way up to limit the heat or minimise glare, or let them right down to relish your privacy. For even more light control, combine your Roman or Jamaican blinds with other window coverings (like a face-fitted blockout) or go for a light-filtering option.

Whichever you decide to go for, one thing’s for sure: both Roman blinds and Jamaican blinds are a stylish, sophisticated choice, with little in the way of extra fuss.

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