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The Best Caravan Curtains and Blinds

The Best Caravan Curtains and Blinds

Going on a road trip this summer? Get your caravan ready by making sure you have the right window coverings to keep your travels comfortable. Considering it’s the place where you’ll be sleeping, eating and hanging out, you’ll want caravan fittings that can provide the comfort and privacy of a regular home.

Simple guide to caravan curtains and blinds

When it comes to finding the right camper curtains or blinds, it's essential to think about the function you want them to perform. Do you want more light, more privacy? Or do you simply want a window treatment that's not going to take up too much space?

Let's get into our top recommendations for caravan blinds.

Best caravan blinds

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are a popular caravan blind option due to their affordability and versatility. Once installed in your caravan or campervan, these blinds allow you to control levels of light and privacy easily. All you need to do is simply tilt the slats.

To avoid cluttering the small living space in your camper or caravan, choose slimline Venetians. The slimline profile makes them a good choice for a caravan's narrow window recesses. These blinds are also available in a huge range of colours, so you can easily choose something to suit the van's décor.

Tip: Hold-down clips (secured at the bottom rail with small brackets) are a must. This will stop your caravan Venetian blinds from banging and clanging against your windows while you're driving.

Roller blinds

When it comes to clutter-free decorating in your caravan or camper, you can't go past classic roller blinds. Caravan roller blinds have a very stylish and minimalist design, allowing the fabric to be completely rolled up into a tube at the top of the window frame.

This design gives you a completely unobstructed view when you want it, and privacy when you need it. Gorgeous view with no one in sight? Roll your blinds up and enjoy the scenery. Alternatively, if the campsite is busy, roll the blinds down for privacy.

Choose your caravan roller blinds in fabrics such as sunscreen or blockout, both available in a range of different colours. Like all our products, we also custom make to whatever size you need, meaning we can easily make smaller sized roller blinds for caravans.

Best caravan curtains

Curtains are a popular choice when it comes to fitting out a caravan or campervan, as they're super practical in a smaller space and don't need to be secured in place while you're on the road.

Caravan curtains can be installed and operated on a small track or even just on a simple rod. Then, all you need is a DIY tieback to keep your caravan curtains out the way when you want to enjoy the view or let some light in.

Find out everything you need to know about curtains in our blog!

Blockout curtains (privacy curtains)

These curtains are great for blocking out most of the outside light, they help provide insulation and they offer privacy whenever required.

The downside of blockout curtains is that it's hard to enjoy privacy and light at the same time (sheer curtains are better for this).

Sheer curtains

Sheer curtains provide a good amount of privacy and let in a lot of natural light. However, they are not a great option for night time as they don't give you as much privacy or blockout for sleeping in.

Frequently asked questions about caravan blinds and curtains

Should caravan blinds be up or down when travelling?

It's best practice to keep your caravan blinds up when travelling. This gives you a clear view through your windows and ensures your safety on the road. Plus, it also prevents damage to the blinds or curtains.

Can you replace caravan blinds?

Replacing caravan blinds is just like replacing any other window covering you'd have in your home.

How to clean caravan blinds

Cleaning your blinds should be a part of your regular cleaning routine as this makes it much simpler to keep them looking new and last longer.

The best thing you can do is to frequently dust your blinds or curtains using a feather duster, or for slatted blinds, try using a clean sock on your hand and running it over each individual slat. This allows you to reach all the hard to get to areas.

If your blinds or curtains get a mark on them, make sure to clean as soon as you notice it. The best way to do this is by dabbing the area with a cloth dampened with warm, soapy water.

Learn more about cleaning your blinds in our blog.

Caravan blinds made to measure

As caravan windows are a very unique size, the best way to ensure you get blinds or curtains that fit well, save space, and are safe, is to order made to measure blinds.

To discuss your order, book in for a free measure and quote through our website or come into one of our showrooms.

To arrange a free measure and quote with a highly-trained consultant at your own home, give us a call on 13 13 15 or fill out this simple online form. We provide this service to a wide range of locations around the metro and select regional areas, 6 days a week between 8am and 6pm.

The majority of our blinds, curtains and awnings are made in Australia and are sold for the lowest price in the market, guaranteed. Just bring in a quote on any competitor's comparable item and we'll beat it by 5%.

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