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Spotlight On: Windmaster Blinds

Spotlight On: Windmaster Blinds

Perth is said to be the windiest city in Australia and the third windiest city in the world! Keep reading for a quick guide to one of the best blinds for windy areas.

What are Windmaster blinds?

Windmaster blinds are an outdoor window furnishing that's designed right here in Perth to combat the strong winds we often experience.

Rather than standard outdoor blinds and awnings which often don't cope as well, Windmaster blinds are built with heavy-duty base rails to reduce fabric movement from strong wind gusts.

Benefits of Windmaster outdoor blinds

There are many reasons to choose Windmaster blinds, other than just for their wind resistance!

Reduce heat in your home

These blinds can reduce up to 94% of the heat in your home. Not only will this make your house much more comfortable during the summer months, it will also help you save money on your cooling bills.


Choose from up to 20 premium powder coated colours to complete the look of your outdoor area.

There is also the option of having manual or motorised controls.

Creates an outdoor room

Doing an extension on your house can be a costly and intricate renovation to undertake. Instead, consider using Windmaster blinds to create an outdoor room.

As these blinds extend from ground to ceiling, they seal all openings to create an enclosed entertaining area.

This area can be used all year round, and will provide comfort from weather and any insects.

Can be motorised

Windmaster outdoor blinds have two options when it comes to how they are raised and lowered. You can either choose to have manual control, or to pair them with ABC's Smart Hub Motorisation.

Smart Hub can connect and motorise up to 20 sets of blinds throughout your home with one central device.

Visit the Motorised Windmaster blinds page to find out more.

Added security

Add safety to your home with a durable option like Windmaster blinds. These blinds have added strength, making them harder to penetrate, and the base is much heavier to move.

Benefits of Windmaster blinds over outdoor awnings

While there are plenty of benefits to other outdoor window coverings, most aren't sturdy enough to withstand Perth's strong winds. Not only are they resilient against the elements, they also have a two-year warranty, so you know they're made to last.

Are Windmaster outdoor blinds waterproof?

As Windmaster blinds are an outdoor window covering, they do have a higher tolerance to water than other blinds.

However, after a heavy downpour, it's always good practice to dry off your fabric and frame as best as possible to avoid any moisture build-up.

How to clean Windmaster blinds

Cleaning your blinds should be done regularly as this helps them to maintain their effectiveness and to look newer for longer.

To clean, start by hosing down the fabric. Use enough water so that it's damp, but you don't want it to be dripping wet. Then, take a cleaning cloth and wipe them over. If you need something to cut through any grime, add a little bit of detergent.

Find out more about how to clean your window coverings in our blog.

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