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Curtain and Blinds Trends Through The Decades

Curtain and Blinds Trends Through The Decades

From the sweet, pastel curtains of the 50s, to the rise of vertical blinds in the 90s, we see so many of trends of past decades providing inspiration and setting new trends for the window décor of today. Fashion is nothing if ever-changing, and when it comes to blinds and curtains we’ve just about seen it all! Take a walk down memory lane with us - you just might be inspired!

Get inspired by these curtain and blinds trends

The 50s

Colour blocking was a big trend in drapes and curtains, and the 50s were characterised by bright, pastel tones - think bright pink, turquoise, mint green and yellow. Space age shapes and exotic foliage were popular patterns for curtains, but where wallpaper and furnishings took centre stage, window dressings tended to be pared back and neutral. Curtain fabrics were thick and heavy.

The 60s

It won't come as a surprise to learn that the 60s were dominated by bright, neon colours and eye-popping patterns influenced by the iconic hippie movement. Paisley patterns were a favourite on curtains and drapes, as were bright greens and yellows, mixed and matched with tangerine orange, bright reds and aqua blues.

The 70s

Forget pastels and neutrals, this decade was all about loud primary colours and expressive patterns inspired by 70s psychedelia. Everything from rugs to window dressings were bright and colourful. Interesting silhouettes and unconventional shapes were popular interior design tools to make a space really pop. The popularity of Disco made its way into homes though futuristic, metallic fabrics, especially in curtains and drapes.

The 80s and 90s

The 80s saw a return to the soft, pretty pastels of the 50s, complete with ruffles and frills on everything. Stripes and geometric patterns in soft tones were also popular, as were dainty florals, which had a much more feminine feel compared to the bold, bright florals of the 70s. Blue and white was another popular colour combo, seen on everything from curtains to crockery. For the first time, blinds were more popular that curtains, especially verticals.

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