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Trending: Velvet Curtains

Velvet - everyone's favourite luxe 70s fabric - is big news in 2018. From the catwalks to interior design, the beautifully rich and soft fabric is the must-have texture of the year. Why? It oozes luxury and style, effortlessly transforming your space into a sumptuous haven. So if you're ready to add some seriously on-trend texture to your home, read on for exactly how to nail it.

Trending: Velvet Curtains

Find Velvet Curtains and Drapes in Perth

Why velvet?

In fashion, everything old is eventually new again. Retro fabrics and textures are making a huge comeback and have found themselves bang-on-trend in the world of interior design of late. Velvet, in particular, begs to be touched. As far as fabrics go, velvet is the epitome of luxury and elegance thanks to its rich, wonderfully soft texture and the way the fabric drapes so effortlessly, forming a chic focal point in any room. Velvet creates a feeling of opulence and depth, transforming your space in to one that’s beautiful, heavenly and relaxing.

How to best showcase your velvet curtains

  • Less is more: If you're using velvet curtains, make them the feature of the room.
  • Keep the colours of your furniture and walls simple to let the velvet do the talking.
  • Layer your velvet curtains with different textures in other parts of the room - earthy wood textures and linen work especially well to balance the opulence of velvet.
  • If you're wanting to add height to the room, start the curtains above the window frame so they hang as long as possible.
  • Ensure that when the curtains are open they don't block or cover much of the window, to still allow that natural light and breeze through.
  • Keep your velvet curtains for rooms that are all about comfort and relaxation - think bedrooms or lounges, rather than the kitchen or areas of high traffic.

Popular velvet colour palettes

As the feature of a room, you want your velvet curtains to draw the eye and make the room really pop. Rich, vivid colours are the way to go with velvet - think deep berry hues and luxe navy. The more neutral tones, like creams and beiges, can bring a relaxing freshness to your room and create a more spacious feeling.

Interested in exploring velvet curtains for your home? Pop in to one of our showrooms to get inspired, feel the fabrics and chat to one of our expert consultants, or arrange a free measure and quote in your own home today.

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