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The Perfect Blinds: Choosing The Right Colour

No matter how gorgeous your furnishings, a room with ugly or mismatched window dressings often feels, well, wrong! That’s why choosing the right window dressings to complement your space, right down the perfect colour, is so important. Nail it, and you’ve got a space that looks and feels amazing.

The Perfect Blinds: Choosing The Right Colour

Here are our top tips for choosing the perfect colour for your blinds:

The 60-30-10 rule

A concept loads of interior designers swear by, the 60-30-10 rule helps to make sure the colours in your space are balanced and work harmoniously together without being too matchy-matchy. Basically, you choose a 3-colour palette and distribute their use: so, 60% of the room will be the dominant colour, 30% will be the secondary colour and 10% is for an accent colour. Works every time!

Consider the lighting

The lighting in a room ‐ both natural and artificial ‐ can have a big impact on the colours within the space. Before you select a colour for your blinds, bear in mind the amount of light the room receives. If you can, try to take home a sample of the colour you’re considering and notice how it responds to the light in the room ‐ does it look different to in the showroom?

Work with the colours and textures in your space

Take a good look around your room and notice the colours and textures in the furnishings, décor and other elements; like the artwork, rugs and walls. Are there a lot of colours and textures going on? Perhaps a simple palette and fabric will work best when it comes to your blinds. Not as much colour? Blinds in a vibrant accent colour or interesting texture could be perfect!

Explore current trends

Everyone knows that certain colours are timeless, but it can also be fun to switch up your window dressings as the trends change. Check out our blog on this season’s emerging trends to ensure your space is on-point!

How do you want to feel?

Colours within a space can make a huge difference to our mood and emotions. Kitchens should feel energising and vibrant, whereas lounge rooms and bedrooms should be relaxing, calming spaces. Think about how you want to feel in your space and go for colours that help evoke that feeling.

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