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Light Control: Cassette Systems

Stylish, low maintenance and easy-to-use as they may be, when it comes to your blinds, the most important factor has got to be light control. Call us crazy, but unless your blinds can block that sun as you see fit, there ain't much point having them!

Light Control: Cassette Systems

What is a cassette system?

Cassette system blinds are the Rolls Royce of light control. You know how annoying it is when you close the blinds to watch a movie and there's still light coming through the gaps? Well, the cassette system eliminates that, so you've got perfect darkness. The clever combo of headbox cassette and side channels cover gaps associated with standard roller systems to provide the most effective method of light control. The system can be added to your existing roller blinds.

Why are they so great?

Most importantly, they convert your blinds to a total blackout blind with side channels that eliminate the gaps at the side. They can also be used to conceal the operating mechanism and hide imperfections, giving the blinds a more streamlined look. Plus, cassette systems can be motorized, which is ideal if you're looking for a child-friendly product or simply don't want a chain.

Where do they work best?

Anywhere you need (or want) total darkness! Think bedrooms, theatre rooms and the baby's room. They're also ideal for conference rooms, hotel rooms and audio-visual rooms.

So they're useful but... do they look good?

Totally. The head box is sleek and minimalist and comes in four stylish colours; silver, white, magnolia and black. You can choose any roller blinds from our enormous range, and you've even got the option to have the bottom bar match.

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